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1st Trimester Hunger

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curiousjess Thu 21-Aug-14 18:21:41

I am 8 weeks and I am so hungry it is unbelievable. Anything I eat doesn't satisfy me and when I am eating one thing, I am thinking of what to eat next! I have been like this for about 3 days. Is this normal?

I'm really concerned that I am going to be the size of a house if this continues!!

PuppyMummy Thu 21-Aug-14 18:37:26

yes its normal! I was the same. I was so so hungry all the time!

it eased a little after the first trimester but I was still hungrier than normal!

my problem was that I just ate rubbish all the time! Lots of pudding!
I put on 4 stone of which only 1 was baby/fluid etc!

I'll try and control myself more next time!

curiousjess Thu 21-Aug-14 18:39:55

I'd do anything for pudding right now. In fact, anything with custard :-)

ACM88 Thu 21-Aug-14 18:40:24

I'm 17weeks and the constant hunger is a new thing, today I have scoffed

1 huge bowl coco puffs
1 slice buttery toast
Dairy milk choc
Handful of coca cola sweets
Kiwi and apple
Granola and yoghurt
1 bowl pasta
Two crackers

That takes me to now- that's terrible!!

catellington Thu 21-Aug-14 18:41:17

I am exactly the same and will be 8 weeks on Sunday. I have been googling exactly the same thing today! I have just eaten and my tummy is actually rumbling again! But if I eat too much in one go I get indigestion so just basically having lots of snacks all day long.
I had this last time too and vowed this time I wouldn't, but I just think it is best to follow what my body tells me. Quite a lot of what I'm having is fruit and veg, but there is plenty of cheese and carbs too!
One saving grace is I have completely gone off chocolate and coffee!
Puppy I also put on nearly 4 stone last time!

catellington Thu 21-Aug-14 18:43:38

I had

Bag of squares on waking (essential otherwise I throw up)
Toast with Philadelphia and ham
Fruit salad
Rice with tomato sauce and chicken and pack of veg
Pasta with tomato sauce and prawns
Rice with tomato sauce (left over from earlier)

I sometimes have to eat in the middle of the night too!

curiousjess Thu 21-Aug-14 18:48:49

I'm trying to be quite healthy with my choices but in the evenings my desire for crap seems to get out of control! The more the day goes one, the hungrier I get!

curiousjess Thu 21-Aug-14 18:53:25

So far...

*Bowl of shredded wheat
*Five corn cakes
*Two corn cakes with half an avocado on top and tomatoes
*three plums
*Prawn thai green curry and FIVE Sharwoods poppadums

Jaffakake Thu 21-Aug-14 20:57:03

I googled the calories I should be eating this morning, whilst eating a McDonald's drive thru! Last time I was waking at 4am with a rumbly tummy, which isn't the case so far.

ChickenMe Thu 21-Aug-14 22:21:20

Last week I was starving and desperate for anything potato related. This week I'm averagely hungry but I'm seriously thirsty and water just ain't cutting it! I want ice lollies and fizzy drinks! Water is not hitting the spot at all! I grabbed OHs diet coke earlier and took four mouthfuls after having promised myself I would not be touching caffeine OR aspartame. WAIL! Anyone else?

ACM88 Thu 21-Aug-14 23:01:18

I have been desperate for cans of diet coke!!!
It's so hard to make sensible choices when you are craving sugar filled junk all the time. I told OH rather convincingly tonight that it's much worse to deprive a pregnant lady what she wants than it is to just have it. Like another poster said, next week it's entirely possible I lose my appetite!

ifitsnotanarse Thu 21-Aug-14 23:04:21

I wasn't as hungry with my last pregnancies. This one, the hunger kicked in at 4wks +2. And today I feel ravenous.

Bowl of honey loops
2 slices of buttered toast with marmalade
Handful of doritos
Packet of chicken noodles
2 slices of peanut butter on toast
1 lollipop
Scrambled egg on 2 slices of toast
4 slices of salami
1 wagonwheel

What I really wanted today was steak, with onions and chips. And now I fancy curry chips, but the chipper's closed. sad

ifitsnotanarse Thu 21-Aug-14 23:10:00

AM88 coke is the devil's work, but most certainly cures morning sickness as does Drumstick lollipops. grin

ACM88 Fri 22-Aug-14 07:22:41

Haha it does!! It also quenches my need for ice cold drinks, poor baby!

RetroHippy Fri 22-Aug-14 08:39:42

I was the same in first tri up to about 9 weeks. Then I started feeling sick.

I was getting up at 4 for a bowl of cereal then going back to bed. Now 18 weeks and pretty much eating normally, though I can't eat such big portions as I used to. Guess there's not enough room now!

PurplePest Fri 22-Aug-14 15:03:02

i'm 12+5 and have eaten loads since i found out at 4wks! i too feel hungry all the time and if i don't eat for a while, the dreaded nausea comes back. i'm also finding that nothing is satisfying me and i'm constantly on the lookout for my 'next fix'. i've put on 12lbs already but am hoping once the sickness passes i'll start eating more healthily. currently loving bread, crisps, nuts, sweets, fizzy pop and ice-cream!

yorkshirelass82 Sat 23-Aug-14 08:30:39

Oh so glad to have found this post! I am 8+2 and over the last week my appetite has gone through the roof. Have been grazing throughout the day to stave off nausea but just eating so much rubbish and getting bloated. I feel so guilty! Have bought some smoothies to try gets some vitamins but know they're high in sugar. I'm sure I feel my arse getting bigger from all the carbs and lack of exercise!!

buddhabee Sun 24-Aug-14 08:59:56

Sugar free jelly is the way forward people! It deals with the sweetness and it takes so long to eat a big bowl that is gets rid of the sweet cravings!! I just want pasties and nuggets and garlic bread ha ha!! Got a takeaway pizza last night and left most of it and ate all hubby's garlic bread lol!! Also trying cup a soups but of course you have to buy 4 diff flavours as I go off and on things everyday, 2 weeks ago all I wanted was ham and cheese sandwiches now the thought repulsed me lol!! Need to get back to my chicken and rice (am usually pretty darn healthy) lol!!!

TheScenicRoute Sun 24-Aug-14 13:09:48

Oh yes! I've put on so much weight and I'm so disappointed that the perfect bump will not be my reality. Last night I got up at 4am for coco pops! I've done this 3 times now, it's disgusting really!

Whenever anyone mentions food in an advert or a TV show I start craving it. Food is like forbidden delicacies when I eat, it's like I've never eaten before! Such a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with food at the moment.

ChickenMe Sun 24-Aug-14 21:46:51

I was so ravenous yesterday I had to get a pizza at midnight. I'm disgusted with myself!!! But I just had to have that pizza taste!!
I'm finding, tho, it's best to go with the craving because once it's satisfied it doesn't return.

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