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(TMI) white thin sticky discharge.

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SineadLegge Thu 21-Aug-14 17:27:42

Hello, I wanted some advice really I'm new to all this have no experience at all with pregnancy. I am 35+1 weeks I am loosing thin white sticky discharge does anybody know what this is? Is it normal?......

CoolCat2014 Thu 21-Aug-14 20:56:31

It is probably just normal discharge, but might be your mucus plug - it think that's meant to be more stringy and slightly pinkish though

SineadLegge Fri 22-Aug-14 00:40:59

I've lost a bit of my mucus plug about 2 week ago was very snotty, I am guessing it's normal discharge but i thought normal discharge was thick :/

hartmel Fri 22-Aug-14 04:16:38

I'm 31 weeks with baby #2 and since week 28 I'm getting it too..
I noticed that when I'm a lot on my feet and do a lot of housework I have a lot of discharge.. Doctor said it is normal.. But in her eyes everything was normal.. Seeing a consultant beginning of September..

SineadLegge Fri 22-Aug-14 12:46:50

I'm seeing another midwife in 2 weeks so will ask her and I have had diahreah (however you spell it) really bad backache lower back pains in my belly and vagina and I was sick last night so think my body is getting ready for labour but I hope not as I'm only 35+2 :/ x

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