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come and share your hospital bag lists!

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Keenoonvino Tue 19-Aug-14 13:38:02

I took way too much to hospital last time I was pregnant, and I ended up with a horrific labour and induced on an oxytocin drip anyway, so didn't use half of it anyway (TENS, hot water bottle, massage oil, bikini top for birth pool etc etc).

I am obviously desperately hoping to not go down the same route next time and want to start labour naturally and that is what I want to pack for.

But honestly, it was embarrassing how much we seemed to bring into hospital so I'd love it if people could post their lists of what is in their own hospital bag or what you wished you'd had and didn't or took and didn't touch!

Thanks smile

mrsgembles Wed 20-Aug-14 14:59:08

Oh and muslins!

CorporeSarnie Wed 20-Aug-14 15:34:48

Oh God I had forgotten about the Dettol wipes in case someone has left a bloody mess (potentially literally) in the bathroom. Already have those in the spare room ready. They gave me bed mats (was catheterised post emcs so couldn't move much until next morning).

dolicapax Wed 20-Aug-14 18:54:01

Based on last time the only useful things I can think to add are:

- Take more than 20 maternity pads
- Don't bother with breast pads - you won't need them until your milk comes in (approx day 3). Prior to that you will produce colostrum, in tiny quantities, and won't leak
- Anusol. Piles are inevitable
- Scratch mitts are a waste of time. They fall off.
-Toys are pointless. New borns won't be interested in them.
- Whatever you labour in will be thrown away.
- Button front nighties are surprisingly difficult to find so don't leave it to the last minute like I did
- Take some food for your birth partner. You will be too busy being sick to eat. They won't be. DH went without dinner as he didn't want to leave me, and by the time dd was born the cafe was closed. Only I got food post labour! Poor bloke was starving.
- Nipple salve is essential. They really chew when getting the colostrum out. I had split nipples after 1 day.
- When you leave you will still have a baby bump, but a smaller one, so you need to have some early pregnancy clothes to wear rather than your usual maternity ones.
- If you have a high car like a 4x4 (although obviously you wouldn't admit that here) take something to stand on for getting into it on the way home. seriously! Lifting one leg to step up will be a tad difficult I had to dive in head first and wriggle round

TheBuggerlugs Wed 20-Aug-14 20:28:26

Due to pack my bag soon so marking my spot.

WhyNotSmile Wed 20-Aug-14 22:45:38

I went into labour 4 weeks early, and hadn't packed a bag at that point, so I basically turned up at the hospital with hastily-packed pyjamas and a toothbrush (and toilet roll, which my husband stuffed into the bag, for reasons even he cannot explain).

So I had to send my husband to get the essentials as I needed them, which turned out to be:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel and facecloth
Maternity pads (poor husband had to grab the attention of a random lady in the supermarket at 6am to ask what these were!) - I went through 30 or so
Hairbrush & hair ties
Pyjamas (x2 at least)
Pants (x5, although I felt so stinky at first that I didn't bother changing them!!)
Cereal bars
Cartoons of juice (although there's always plenty of water on offer!)
Clothes to go home in

For the baby (people brought us most of this as presents):
Lots of vests
Mitts (my son had to have a line in his hand, and the mitts were good for stopping him bashing it off things)
Blanket (for going home)

Plan how your partner will get to eat if you're in labour overnight. Also make sure there's change for the car park if you need it, and for vending machines.

MrsDinoRawr Thu 21-Aug-14 16:58:33

This is my baby's hospital list

Hope I haven't missed anything out!

Keenoonvino Thu 21-Aug-14 18:41:53

Thanks mrsdino really helpful, esp the pics! You are very organised! How many weeks are you? I really need to get a move 32 weeks now so need to think about at least buying some stuff!

MrsDinoRawr Fri 22-Aug-14 11:23:56

Thanks. I am not really organised - I am just good at procrastinating. Writing a blog is way more fun that tidying my house! Packing a hospital bag is far more exciting than sorting out the hall cupboard etc...

I am 33 weeks tomorrow. I am hoping to get the nesting instinct soon!

I would recommend getting your hospital bag packed - feel quite prepared that we could just get up and go to hospital when we need to now. I don't fancy packing bags when I am in labour.

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