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What do Brixton hicks actually feel like?

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Tue 19-Aug-14 07:41:14

I've read all the official descriptions and definitions but what do they really feel like for you?

I'm almost 29wks and I sometimes get them when they feel pretty obvious and whole belly tightens to one side or something. But a few times recently I've felt really 'full' and as if I don't have enough belly skin to stand up straight and I just want to bend over or lie down to get some relief to the pulling and tightness of it all.

Could this be BH? Doesn't last long but is fairly unpleasant, if not painful, and uncomfortable.

moggle Tue 19-Aug-14 08:00:32

I recognise both your descriptions! Last night I had to lie down with it as my belly was so tight. I described it to DH as the difference between having a saggy water balloon in my belly that essentially squishes as required, and a rock hard basketball so you can't bend over or twist or anything.

ohthegoats Tue 19-Aug-14 08:07:01

I didn't recognise what was happening as BH either, but since reading various different descriptions I realise that I've had them quite a lot. Particularly when doing something relatively hard physically. Quite often in those situations, even when I just stand up from the floor or something. Sometimes the whole bump goes tight and hard, sometimes it just feels like I've clenched my stomach muscles quite lightly (but I haven't chosen to actually do that).

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