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can i eat smoked salmon?

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daisydee43 Mon 18-Aug-14 15:37:51


love smoked salmon for breakfast but not 100% sure if i can eat it during pg. nhs website not clear smile

weeblueberry Mon 18-Aug-14 15:40:03

You're fine to eat smoked salmon as the risk is considered so low. smile Enjoy!!

birdofthenorth Mon 18-Aug-14 15:42:53

Yes. I looked at the NHS website I. This recently and it seemed pretty clear it's considers fine?

Booksnchocs13 Mon 18-Aug-14 16:07:04

Yep, enjoy!

squizita Mon 18-Aug-14 17:26:44

It's right there on the page: smoked fish. Says you can eat it.

Because it is salmon (same as with tuna) 2 portions a week is recommended. This is not due to it being smoked but predatory fish are high in certain metals and minerals so they say consume them just not every day.

SarahWH23 Mon 18-Aug-14 18:35:21

i agree with squizita - fine to eat it but I wouldn't have it every day.

ellenjames Mon 18-Aug-14 18:42:54

I had food poisoning from it when pregnant with dc3 can't eat it now hmm

squizita Mon 18-Aug-14 18:45:42

ellen unfortunately food poisoning can lurk everywhere... even vegetables! Salmon isn't considered high risk.

ellenjames Mon 18-Aug-14 19:40:05

I know! Gutted I can't eat it now as it just reminds me!

HenriettaTurkey Mon 18-Aug-14 20:52:50

Re: predatory fish. Salmon is among the best fish to eat as low in mercury but high in omega 3.

Tuna is different, and should be limited as it is high in mercury & low in omega 3.

Salmon is fine. Enjoy... But not past its best before date!

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