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Paternity Leave for dads.

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abcdef12345 Mon 18-Aug-14 11:33:44

My boyfriend has just started his new job last week. Our baby is due the 18th November. Will he be entitled to paternity leave and still be paid? Has any one else been in this situation. Thanks.

ElleDubloo Mon 18-Aug-14 11:42:46

He should check the official paternity leave policy at his work - ask HR. My OH gets 2 weeks fully paid, then up to another 2 weeks with only statutory pay (£130-something per week). Most guys will get something similar.

CoolCat2014 Mon 18-Aug-14 12:24:57

You'll need to check company policy - sometimes you need to have worked there for a year to be entitled to paternity pay.

Boofuls Tue 19-Aug-14 11:37:54

My DH due to start new job this week and DC2 due early Oct. I think technically they have to have worked there for 26 weeks to qualify for pay but he told his new work at interview that we were expecting. I think (hope!) he is getting 2 weeks off but not sure they will give him paternity pay or not...

duvetfan Tue 19-Aug-14 18:28:45

my dh started a new job last week and is only getting 5 days. local government employee. I am gutted as the 2 weeks were invaluable with dc 1. sorry this isn't much help. You need to ask and not assume you will get 2 weeks.

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 19-Aug-14 18:34:25

I think it depends on the policy to be honest
I was lucky with DH. He started his new job 11 days before DS was born (8 weeks early) but they still gave him 2 weeks full paternity pay. Maybe because it was local government though x

m33r Tue 19-Aug-14 19:49:57

My DH gets one week on full pay and one week unpaid. Remember he can take holidays though (but if that's the route you have to go down make sure he books in advance - my db's employers were very funny about this).

Hope he gets loads!

KitKat1985 Tue 19-Aug-14 22:26:36

My DH started his new job in Jan and I'm due next month. He is allowed two weeks paternity leave but they have to be unpaid as he would have had to have worked for his employer for a year to qualify for paid paternity. xx

Sparkle9 Wed 20-Aug-14 01:02:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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