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Pain when walking or turning in bed

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hartmel Mon 18-Aug-14 11:29:39

This is my second pregnancy and I didn't had it with first so that is why I'm asking..

Especially in the morning When i wake up or during the night I can barely get up or walk because I'm in so much pain between my legs mostly pelvic area.
It feels more like it is stretching and muscle pain.
I had mentioned it to my doctor last week when I saw her and all she said "that is normal and a good sign that you will delivery naturally"
How is this normal when I can barely walk or turn in bed without crying..

I would somehow manage the next 9 weeks till baby comes but I have a 11 month old son who needs to be taken care of. DH is at work from 6 am till 3:30 pm..

PIL live oversea and and my own mother works 3-4 days a week . And I feel guilty asking her for help on her off days..

Does this sound like SPD or is it something else.

Sorry that my post got this long.
30+2 weeks pregnant with a girl grin

Definitely spd, try satin pyjamas or sheets, keep your legs closed and take it easy as much as you can.

Sorry, my reply sounded flippant, I know how much pain you can be in with spd, I've had it three times (from 11 weeks with my first baby) and still suffer with my hips now when I do too much. There isn't much they can do to help really, sometimes you can ask for a support belt which some people say helps, some people say physiotherapy helps, but in my experience they fob you off about getting a referral and suddenly the baby is due. hmm

Don't worry too much about the birth itself, it won't stop you giving birth, although you might be a bit extra achy afterwards. Try to do it in a birth pool if you can, I've done it twice on land and once in the water and it was totally different, much easier, much less aching afterwards.

See what birthing position can do for your pelvic bones too.

Ellie2elysia Mon 18-Aug-14 12:29:36

I've had exactly the same problem, some days worse than others! I'm now 39 weeks and as I have gotten further along and bigger it has got worse... There isn't much that can be done apparently sad. Everyone keeps saying to go on long walks and to keep active to get my labour going but I can barely walk around Tesco without suffering later on!! Just another added pregnancy bonus, the only thing keeping me going is knowing I'll have my little boy very very soon :D

God no, don't go on long walks. Don't scrub the floor or walk on your knees. And talking of tesco, don't push the trolley, I found it made it worse. Do sit straight in a comfortable supportive chair, though. We changed sofas between 2nd and 3rd pregnancies and I think it probably made a difference to how badly I suffered with spd to sit straight in an armchair rather than sprawl on the old settee with legs folded under me as I used to.

hartmel Mon 18-Aug-14 16:34:40

Thank you! That is going to be a long painful 9 weeks till due date..

DH is helping as much as he can! Otherwise I'm on my own..
Shopping I'm not allowed on my own anymore!

The worse part is also that my parents don't understand it. Instead of coming to visit us at our house (we live 2 1/2 miles apart) they expect us to go to their house. I have told them so many times that I feel uncomfortable driving anywhere even just short distance but they think I should be fine. Anyway this is a different story..

Oh and I live in Canada and In the city i live the hospital does provide a bath tub but only so you can relax but as soon as you are in active labour you have to get out and go into delivery ward..

kittyvet Mon 18-Aug-14 19:16:35

I just developed Pelvic Girdle Pain at 31 weeks too. It is not normal! It is something that can be treated with manual therapy. Physiotherapy definitely has helped and so has wearing a serola belt. Other people report chiropracter or osteopaths help. Keep your legs together as much as poss eg getting in and out of car or bed. Its also really important to learn what to avoid in the birthing process to stop it getting worse. This website really useful :

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