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Stopped feeling pregnant at 17 wks

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KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 10:37:54

Hi there, I'm 17 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy) and since Saturday morning I have been really worried as I just don't feel 'pregnant' anymore, I don't really know how to explain it, I just don't feel like there's anything there anymore. I know I probably sound so silly (I struggle with my anxiety) which is why I wanted to ask here for some reassurance. I just feel empty and light inside compared to how I felt before and pressing my abdomen with my hands it feels softer now whereas before it was starting to feel harder. Also I've stopped getting the stretching pains I was having (I haven't felt anything at all for days) and the tiredness I had has gone, when before I was so exhausted and had no energy! I'm also worrying because on Friday Dp and I had sex and I felt as though I stretched my lower stomach so I'm worried that maybe I've harmed the baby. Ive had no bleeding or cramps but I made the mistake of googling and reading about 'missed miscarriages' sad now I'm panicking about that. I also read that there's a link between not having morning sickness and being more likely to miscarry sad my next midwife appointment is on Friday but until then I was hoping to hear from people with more experience than me, is this a normal phase of pregnancy? Is it normal to stop feeling pregnant? Has anyone else felt this way? Sorry if this is a stupid post I just can't stop worrying, I keep looking at my scan pic and I love that little baby so much already. Thank you for reading x

GailLondon Mon 18-Aug-14 10:51:19

Hi Kitty,

You've got past the 12 week stage now, with a healthy little baby seen at the scan, so the chances of anything going wrong now are very low, the vast vast majority of miscarriages are before 12 weeks.
You're in the nice bit of the second trimester, where most people do have a real drop off in symptoms, which is probably why you're feeling 'not pregnant'. It's probably just because you are feeling better and have got your energy back after all the tiredness of the first trimester.
Your midwife will listen to baby's heartbeat at your next appointment, so you will know that they are doing well. And it won't be long until you can feel little kicks and wriggles to reassure you that everything is ok in there.

KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 10:58:15

Thanks so much for responding GailLondon I really appreciate the reassurance it's weird how feeling better is actually making me feel worse! I just need to hang on till my appoint mane so I can listen to the heartbeat, that'll be so nice. And I can't wait until I can feel the baby moving! Thanks again I guess I need to try harder to keep my anxiety in check!

KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 10:58:55

*appointment not appoint mane

ohthegoats Mon 18-Aug-14 11:01:05

I didn't feel very pregnant/at all pregnant between about weeks 13 and 28. It was GREAT. Enjoy it... cos soon you'll be weeing every 20 minutes, walking like a duck and feeling sick because someone is doing somersaults right by your recently eaten lunch!

Matildasmam22 Mon 18-Aug-14 11:02:33

If your anxious ring your midwive or the pregnancy unit. Mothers instinct is a very real thing.

Like Gail said after 12 weeks it's statistically rare but after it's happened too me I always think better to be safe then sorry.


KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 11:07:09

Haha thanks ohthegoats that's a good point, I tend to catastophise things in my head when actually I should be making the most of my new found energy. Although the reassurance is helping and hopefully hearing the heartbeat will help me relax ..even if I have to wait till the end of the week smile

KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 11:11:24

Thank you Matildasmam22 thanks I was worried about calling them and sounding silly (and I'm slightly scared of my midwife). I'm so sorry to hear that it's happened to you xx that's what was worrying me, even though it's unlikely it's still possible

Matildasmam22 Mon 18-Aug-14 11:18:21

I always feel shite for scaring people. I don't mean too I just always think better safe then sorry.

My brothers gf's pregnant and the poor lass is terrified.

That sounds awful about your MW. First pregnancy's are always scary anyway as it's all new. She should know better.

ohthegoats Mon 18-Aug-14 11:24:38

OK, well don't panic if the midwife can't find the heartbeat straight away at your appointment either. They've not managed to find a heartbeat with a Doppler on my baby until 30 weeks. Crap dopplers, baby in weird position, anterior placenta etc. I've had scans that have shown heartbeats, but if I was relying on just the Doppler I couldn't have heard it.

KittyPurrrs Mon 18-Aug-14 12:21:19

Matildasmam don't feel shite for sharing your experience with me I appreciate it thanks I was already worried so your post didn't scare me, your message was helpful and I agree it's always better to be safe!
I didn't get my MW at all, one minute she seemed happy and the next she seemed stern and sort of impatient confused

Thanks ohthegoats I'll try keep some perspective and remember that if she doesn't find the heartbeat straight away! I don't think I can wait 3 weeks till my scan I feel so impatient blush

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