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Painful cramps and diarrhea 6 weeks pregnant

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Serenitysutton Mon 18-Aug-14 09:53:21


I'm looking for Some reassurance really sad

I have had cramps (exactly like period pain but a lighter pain) since 10 DPO. Nearly every day, for at least a few hours.
I've also had diarrhea every morning, just once.

Last night I woke with bad cramping, ran to the loo and had diarrhea. It was very painful- the exact pain you get when you have diarrhea from a bug or food poisoning. Today I am pale, still in pain, still getting loose bowels. I starting to feel a little nausea (as you do when you have diarrhea) but can eat ok. I don't think it's a bug as it's been such a constant symptom. I feel rubbish.

Has anyone had this? Can you give me any advice? I am not really worried, to be honest, in the sense of seeking medical attention but I am
Pretty fed up!

donkir Mon 18-Aug-14 10:08:52

Cramping is normal. I'm 15 weeks and still get cramping.
Even though you say you have diarreah you could be constipated which is also a very common complaint in pregnancy. The looseness your experiencing could be the build up behind the big stool which is escaping. Constipation will also make your cramping worse as will trapped wind which from experience can be very painful.
If your concerned get checked over by your gp.

CoolCat2014 Mon 18-Aug-14 10:25:21

I had a couple weeks of severe cramping an diarrhoea when I was early on in the pregnancy, kind of like IBS gone wild. It was really hard to deal with, and quite worrying. I'm convinced it was just my body adapting to the new hormones, and it got better after 12 weeks. It was so bad I got sent for an early scan at 11 weeks, and sent to the hospital to get checked a couple times. Everything was fine and normal, and it sounds like just one of those early pregnancy symptoms that some people get.

If you've no other symptoms your probably fine, but if you are concerned it's always worth going to get checked by a GP. I did get a bout of severe upset tummy around 20 weeks, with contractions, and it turned out to be a UTI (which can cause preterm labor, antibiotics cleared it up straight away)... So always best to get checked over if you're worried!

Serenitysutton Mon 18-Aug-14 10:28:38

Thank you so much both, that is reassuring. I feel a bit weak and crap (excuse the pun) so might take it easy this week.

CoolCat2014 Mon 18-Aug-14 10:34:51

Make sure you drink lots of fluids, and get something salty in you to get yourself rehydrated smile take it easy x

Grinningcat Mon 18-Aug-14 11:27:01

I had similar issues. I had abdominal pain at about 6 weeks which turned out to be a constipation/diarrhoea combo that lasted 6 weeks. Those first few days I was worried and as I had a bit of spotting I called the out of hours GP (who was fantastic). I ended up with an early scan a couple of days later. By the morning of the scan I had already figured out it was bowel issues and so I could enjoy the scan and seeing the little heartbeat. I am now 13 weeks and this last week my bowel movements have returned to almost normal and I feel much better.

Serenitysutton Mon 18-Aug-14 13:11:32

That's a lovely outcome grinning hormonal weep

I feel a little better now I've eaten a load of rubbish (basically bread and crisps) maybe that's what body/ baby wants!

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