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Morning sickness, how did you deal with it?

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Siarie Mon 18-Aug-14 07:40:43

I'm going to be on holiday out of the country with my PIL during my 6th and 7nd week pregnant (all being well). I know a lot of ladies get MS around this time and I'm a little anxious as I won't be able to see my doctor.

I'm going to talk to my doctor tomorrow about it, hopefully she will be able to prescribe me that morning sickness magical pill before I get the symptoms just in case but is there anything else you can recommend?

PIL don't know yet and I don't want to be so sick that I can't even leave the apartment on holiday.

VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Mon 18-Aug-14 07:46:04

They won't pre-prescribe you stuff for HG and if it's milder than that the pill options (ginger etc) don't really work. In my case what worked was eating constantly, only the food that didn't make me feel pukey - garden peas and fromage frais bizarrely.

Rkbump Mon 18-Aug-14 07:49:39

I have a cream cracker literally as soon as I wake up and it settles my tummy. Cream crackers are now my best friend! Good luck and enjoy your hol, I have just been away at 10wks and have been fine, just eat little and often and don't rush around! Xx

Rainbow555 Mon 18-Aug-14 07:58:00

I wear travel sickness bands daily, eat little and often of things I can stomach, ginger doesn't help me but it does others I think, and take it easy in the mornings. The key is to not get hungry but that is easier said than done for me!
Have a good holiday!

Siarie Mon 18-Aug-14 08:00:10

I had HG last time I was pregnant and my body pretty much just shut down, hence the worry. sad

Princesspond Mon 18-Aug-14 08:13:54

I had HG in first pregnancy. I saw gp as soon as pregnant again and they prescribed tablets to be used incase of HG. Actually I never needed them I just had a 'normal' level of nausea. It was prob at the high end of normal but I was so relieved not to vomit 20 times+ a day, I counted it as a result.

Siarie Mon 18-Aug-14 09:56:29

I've just ordered some sickness bands in prep, but I'm still hopeful I might be able to get the prescribed tablets if you did princess.

Appointment tomorrow so we shall see!

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