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Am I in preterm labour ?

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Inkygirl30 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:53:05

Hi, rather curious as to what is going on with my body! I'm 34 +4 and over the past week my braxton hicks have become more apparent and stronger.
The bump has dropped and I have extre pressure on my pelvis, the midwife has asked for the hospital to contact me for some
Physio as it's been uncomfortable..
Anyway. Iv been getting period like cramps and back back mega uncomfortable and shooting pains.
Baby is still moving around fine. Although a little less often now.
And tonight iv had what I think might be a bloody show.. Blood in the toilet went I wet for a pee then light pink blood when I wiped, only for 15 minutes then after see real checks it's gone. Iv had a few pains and felt like I really needed to go to the loo but couldn't go.. That sort of discomfort belly ache.. but I'm now in bed and feel okay..
What shall I do and what is going on?
Sorry for tmi and the essay!!

Vicky5910 Sun 17-Aug-14 23:05:11

I would ring your midwife in the morning. Usually a show is a mucusy lump, rather than a pink tinge. What could be happening is a UTI causing some issues and it can bring in labour hence why I think you should call your midwife and perhaps drop in a urine sample at the drs in the morning too.
Things do step up a gear towards the end but you have a lot of signs things are perhaps moving quicker than they should be. Just be safe and get checked but don't panic too much smile

Girlsville Mon 18-Aug-14 03:44:45

I have birth to a pre term baby at 35 weeks last week. In hindsight I think I has my show at 32 weeks. I didn't know whether to call the hospital bit I did, they said to come in where they would check what's going on. After examining me hey told me I wasn't going home, and the baby was born a few hours later. All was well with her but my advice is don't mess around - call the hospital and let them take it from there. Good luck!

CoolCat2014 Mon 18-Aug-14 04:28:45

Call the hospital, I don't think you should bleed with a show,and your symptoms sound like an uti which can cause preterm labour.

Hope you get it sorted out!

hartmel Mon 18-Aug-14 04:30:52

Call hospital and get checked out

lotsofcheese Mon 18-Aug-14 05:33:16

Agree: call triage/labour ward. If it is early labour, you'll need steroids, ideally 48 hours before delivery. So don't delay. Good luck.

Mumof3xox Mon 18-Aug-14 05:47:58

Hope all is ok op

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