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Caffeine free tea or a good alternative?

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smogsville Wed 13-Aug-14 21:00:23

I love tea. Could happily get through 5+ cups a day, not every day but some days. The caff free tea I've tried thus far isn't very nice, can anyone recommend a good brand? Alternatively I'll get some more rooibus, seem to remember that going down reasonably well when preg with DD. Thanks.

ZylaB Wed 13-Aug-14 21:03:43

Try twinings decaf English breakfast, but make sure it's the English breakfast and not the everyday stuff, they do taste different!

If you go into costa it's what they sell in there if you want to try some smile

SeaSaltMill Wed 13-Aug-14 21:07:30

I like the pg tips one. Tried m&s decaf and it's awful so steer clear of that!

Mumof3xox Wed 13-Aug-14 21:08:25

Had to be Yorkshire

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Wed 13-Aug-14 21:10:23

I like the Yorkshire tea decaf. If you leave the bag in for a while it's ok.

NerfHerder Wed 13-Aug-14 21:16:37

I couldn't really get on with any of the decaffs, so I drank fennel tea or mint tea instead.
Fennel was great when bfing too- supposed to promote milk supply.

Bunbaker Wed 13-Aug-14 21:21:08

PG Tips decaff is my tipple of choice in the evening.

BanglesSpangles Wed 13-Aug-14 21:26:39

Another votes for pg tips- you need to stew it for longer that the caff stuff though

smogsville Wed 13-Aug-14 21:28:23

Wow thanks everyone, what a brilliant slew of fast responses. I guess we all love our tea! I will try them all and then leave a box of my least favourite at work.

GoingToBedfordshire Wed 13-Aug-14 21:41:18

Can't tell the difference between Twinings decaf and regular earl grey. Aldi decaf tea is OK too.

CoolCat2014 Wed 13-Aug-14 21:41:57

Another vote for Yorkshire.

LancashireTea Wed 13-Aug-14 22:39:29

Tetley decaff is semi working for me, but am missing the taste of a proper brew!

Wolfiefan Wed 13-Aug-14 22:42:05

Isn't redbush tea caffeine free?

Bunbaker Wed 13-Aug-14 22:42:47

Yes, and it tastes vile.

Annarose2014 Wed 13-Aug-14 22:48:21

Honestly, the most normal I tasted was Tesco own-brand decaff tea. Couldn't tell the difference! I still kept aside a cup of caffinated tea to get me out of bed in the mornings, though.

Now that I'm 7 months I've slacked off a bit but still try to do 50% decaff per day.

Loveallmyboys Wed 13-Aug-14 23:02:39

Tetley decaf is my fave. I started drinking it a few years ago cos I'm really sensitive to caffeine. If I have ANY after like 5pm I'm awake til dawn. I drank it all through this and last pregnancy. Even OH has converted smile

Bellyrub1980 Thu 14-Aug-14 06:20:33

So many decaf teas have a fishy/tinny taste to them I find!

Another vote here for Yorkshire. Mr Miles is also very good.

Davidtennantmistress Thu 14-Aug-14 06:30:28

I'm a pg tips de caf drinker, I can't taste any difference. Be warned though now I'm de cat I can't have any fizzy pop either as it gives me a terrible head ache, even lemonade/sprite apparently all fizzy has caffine in it as well, so I'm a squash decaf girl. Have more energy though, smile

LegoSuperstar Thu 14-Aug-14 07:00:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squizita Thu 14-Aug-14 09:00:05

I just went with the allowance of "normal" (if we don't have that, they'll start to expect us to go without all together) tea + redbush. Decaff tea is never as nice and the way it is marketed to pregnant women infuriates me.

Shouldwego Thu 14-Aug-14 09:05:35

The only decaf tea I have found ok to drink is earl grey, Tesco and Twinings both do a nice decaf earl grey.

Heatherbell1978 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:08:10

You don't need to completely cut out caffeine? I'm a big tea and coffee drinker and decided to cut out coffee completely but stick with normal tea. I restrict it to 3 cups a day and if I'm desperate for a coffee when I'm out, I have a decaf coffee. You're allowed up to 200 mg a day.

SeaSaltMill Thu 14-Aug-14 09:17:02

I have a cup of normal tea every morning at work which is a big step down from the big extra shot skinny latte I used to start the day with! But if I want more tea I tend to go decaf, simply because of the caffeine everywhere else. Some people don't cut down on caffeine, but after 3 MC I am doing everything I can to make sure I am not putting myself in any risk.

It was hard while we were on holiday because they did the most amazing iced coffees and I would have murdered for one of them!

squizita Thu 14-Aug-14 10:06:39

Sea salt - interestingly it is precisely because I am a recurrent MCer that I DO drink up to the 200mg allowed. Recurrent MC would not be caused by anything like caffeine - if it was, it would be someone drinking loads of red bull or something.
I am fed up with guidance and opinion which blames women in a roundabout way.
So I stick to the safe amounts but refuse to buy decaff when it is marketed as a pregnancy product giving the public the false idea that all caffeine is banned. Also so many people think tea has the same!me caffeine content as real (filter) coffee!

Like you my day is usually normal tea (1 or 2 cups) in the morning, decaff coffee (as I drink "real" one normal cup would be my lot otherwise) then redbush. I also have the odd can of coke, but only once or twice a week.

Heatherbell1978 Thu 14-Aug-14 10:14:22

I'm with you Squizita, I'm tired of people offering me decaf or asking 'are you sure you can drink normal tea' when I'm at their houses. Yes I can!

I keep within the guidelines so that's fine. I've even had a few glasses of wine in the last couple of weeks.....shock horror.....

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