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Health visitor today any experiences?

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Elizabeth120914 Wed 13-Aug-14 08:33:00

The health visitor has invited themselves round today has anyone had this? Been up for what feels like hours cleaning I know it's not supposed to be an inspection but wondering what's likely to happen ?

makeminea6x Wed 13-Aug-14 08:34:46

They aren't there to inspect your house! AFAIK the main point of the visit is to get to know you before the baby arrives. It is part of a drive to improve peri-natal depression diagnosis rates.

Elizabeth120914 Wed 13-Aug-14 08:39:39

I know but ours is a building site so I'm a bit nervous!! Fingers crossed she turns up just had a letter a month ago no ones called to confirm ..

frankiebuns Wed 13-Aug-14 08:46:39

Mine sent me a letter saying what time and day she would be there, she turned up an hour early and stayed 2 hours she's the same one as I have for ds so I felt like I was being taught to suck eggs, and the image of her sucking ona knitted boob will stay with me for ever! She never inspected the house, she spoke about the new rules etc and what to do, which I knew she hamded me the red book and asked about my family health I have depression and manic depression in the family and she nearly choked on her water and told me I was being yellow booked and I will surely grt pd again (I did but mildly last time)

Elizabeth120914 Wed 13-Aug-14 08:51:20

Sounds fantastic lol! I'm in quite a lot of pain and exhausted so may not suffer the knitted boob and Spanish Inquisition too well.. I'm struggling to see the point of it myself I know of them looking round the house as the they looked round my step daughters mums and said it was dirty (it is) and arranged to come back! I know some people where they have bought a DVD round (we don't have a player) and some where they haven't even turned up so should be amusing! I'm at midwife for 1.30 so haven't got all day lol!!

Redling Wed 13-Aug-14 09:30:18

If it makes you feel better my SiL had a wonderful Health Visitor, I was there a bit after the birth so I saw a couple of appointments. She was a lovely person who gave her loads of good advice, not unsolicited but in answer to my SiL questions. Gave her help on how to progress her referal for Episiotomy healing issues when the GP surgery were crap. Was an enthusiastic, helpful and friendly person who my SiL actually wanted to stay in touch with afterwards. And she was interested in her and the baby, she didn't look at the house! I'm due on Friday and live round the corner from SiL but sadly this HV is moving to a different area so I won't get her.

squizita Wed 13-Aug-14 10:46:29

How do you know if they're coming round? Do they phone or write a letter?
I'm with 'shared care' so have no idea if my area does this or not.

LittlePeaPod Wed 13-Aug-14 11:21:50

Elizabeth I was living in a building site too when the HV first came round. She was only there to introduce herself and go through what they do and when they will come see you. I then had one visit once DD was born and they have never come back. Honestly don't worry.

Sqizita they will write to you with an appointment date which you can change if its not suitable for you.

Elizabeth120914 Wed 13-Aug-14 11:48:18

Phew she's been and gone! Dog behaved and she was nice.. Few quite interesting questions about family history etc but she's said we are low risk and toddled off! Was an hour early tho was nearly chocking on a crumpet answering the door and got caught watching Jeremy Kyle!!

squizita Wed 13-Aug-14 13:42:29

Little oh phew... will be able to tidy up and make sure I'm in! smile

frankiebuns Fri 15-Aug-14 17:18:32

Squizita mine sent me a letter but saw me at drs 2 weeks before so did warn me! I dnt like my hv the knitted boob makes me smirk!

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 20:44:49

Never heard of this.. really glad they don't do it where i live. My HV is an absolute drip. I would not appreciate her input this side of the birth.

prettywhiteguitar Fri 15-Aug-14 21:02:24

Ahh my Heath visitor was bloody lovely helped me deal with my nutso mother who was being very nasty and I also got a job through her recommending me, I luffs her

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 21:32:29

Gah! Polar opposite of mine pretty . I think cause of area I live in they just judge you before they've set eyes on you. It's really tedious. Yes, I live in shitty area. No, I'm not a filthy scrubber. Surprise! Yawn.

prettywhiteguitar Fri 15-Aug-14 21:37:58

That's annoying ithoughtofit I always ramp up the posh in that kind situation, I'm a gardener with a var posh accent ;)

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 15-Aug-14 21:47:20

Lol! loves me a bit o' rrrreceived pronounciation. It's worth the effort when people fink yous a posh bird.

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