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Looking for experiences of hypnobirthing?!

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ACM88 Tue 12-Aug-14 21:52:04

Hey all,

I am 16weeks and starting to think about the birth. A lot of my friends have recommended hypnobirthing. I've read briefly on the net, and have just brought a book on the matter.

I am intrigued by the idea of being so relaxed (through music and self hypnosis) that birth is enjoyable and not the traumatic bloody mess that you usually read about.

Has anyone got any experiences they are happy to share? Please be honest and realistic, I would love to hear a balanced view! Thanks x

mammabear4 Wed 13-Aug-14 05:22:14

Hello! Just noticed this thread. I am 40+3 at the moment and my partner and I started a course of hypnobirthing when I was 30 weeks which consisted of four 3 hour sessions.

I have yet to give birth and this is my first so unfortunately I can't give you any experience of that aspect but what I can tell you is that we both have found it absolutely amazing for relaxing and preparing us for the birth - DP was unbelievably cynical at the first session and by the last one he was snoring away during the hypnotherapy part! I am now considered "overdue" but am not stressing at all - it's all about letting everything happen as naturally as possible with as little medical intervention as possible (obviously things don't always go to plan and you learn how to stay calm about that too!)

I am genuinely so excited for the birth and sick to death of people asking me if I'm fed up or nervous - no I am not fed up that I have passed a date which in reality is a total estimate and no I am not nervous that my body is about to do something amazing and completely natural! You really do have to put the time and effort in yourself though - but that just means making sure you listen to the CD every night and practise breathing techniques and relaxation so it's not really an ordeal!!

I honestly can say leading up to the birth I feel so calm and ready, not only do you learn to be so positive about your own body's ability to birth but you learn so much about what to expect from the hospital and midwives - so many people go into labour not being aware of their options and as wonderful as midwives are, they do have a job to do and are told to get women in and out of rooms as quickly as possible, so they are often talking about "moving things along" which is not necessarily best for you or baby and hypnobirthing teaches you to question anything that is going against letting things take their natural course - in fact my last positive about this is it gives your partner such a fantastic role and apart from helping you do a birth plan which basically says LEAVE US ALONE UNLESS NEEDED it teaches THEM to ask the necessary questions such as "is my baby or my partner in any danger - is there a medical emergency of any type? Then why do we need any interventions at this point?" while you can just keep relaxed and "in the zone". It also teaches your partner some different massage techniques which really help and are lovelyyyy smile

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and was told "we will HAVE to be thinking about a stretch and sweep next time we see you at 41 weeks" and I immediately refused - it was only at that point she said "well it is absolutely your choice of course" but had I not been as informed I would have assumed that I had no choice in the matter!

There's so much more I could talk about but I could literally ramble on for ever - obviously you will learn everything if you choose to undertake the course which I DEFINITELY recommend you do!!

Good luck with everything smile

Burmama Wed 13-Aug-14 07:13:55

Hi ACM, I'm 16 wks too and have been doing the relaxation CD that comes with the book every night, I love it! Thanks for the words of encouragement mammabear and GL with your birthing! smile

MummytoMog Wed 13-Aug-14 08:30:53

Loved the relaxation cd, helped me stay calm but didn't do much about the pain once I hit transition. Did give me a fairly good attitude about all the intervention once it was discovered that DD was malpresented. Wouldn't bother again with the expensive course, would just buy the book and cd.

Bonnylassie Wed 13-Aug-14 08:57:20

We did the course when pregnant with our first baby at approx 32 weeks, really helped me relax even though I didn't think I had listened to the cd or practiced my breathing enough. In fact I was so in control I decided to text some family/friends to tell them I was in labour and the pain was so bad as I was no longer in my zone, took me less than 5 minutes to get back in though.
I didn't breath my baby out or anything ridiculous as that, but had a 'comfortable' birth and it only really hurt at the last stage when I was pushing her out but even then I don't think it hurt as much (or was a different kind of pain) as when I lost control of my breathing.
Honestly didn't think it was going to work for me right up till the point it did if that makes sense. I recommend it to anyone who will listen, completely worth the money I would of never managed my home birth without it but would of still helped me be in control if I had a hospital birth.
Due with baby number 2 in 10 days time and having a wee freak out that I'm not prepared enough but know I am really and will come together on the day.

Bonnylassie Wed 13-Aug-14 08:59:01

Btw we did the expensive course first time and refresher type course second time.

walde Wed 13-Aug-14 09:22:39

I used the natal hypnotherapy CDs and went to Daisy Birthing classes which are about active birth and relaxation. I had 2 very positive births and would highly recommend the CDs and classes.
I just listened to the CDs every night from 30 weeks. My logical brain thought it sounded like nonsense but I think subconsciously I took it on board and didn't feel afraid and knew I just had to let my body do its thing.
The Daisy Birthing classes were fab because it's based on science, so if you're not into the more spiritual side of things then it's good to learn about the physiology of child birth and why certain positions, breathing and relaxation will help.

Birth 1: I used more of the active birthing stuff. Lots of movement and breathing techniques. Pushing stage was crap. No intervention but was made to push before I was ready so ended up flat on my back with MW counting. But that was fine as I needed to on with it as DD was getting distressed. Overall a very positive experience.

Birth 2: Used more hypnobirthing. Just went into a quiet place. Had a homebirth. Didn't know I was in established Labour as it wasn't painful! MW examined me and I was 8cm. Only painful once In transition. Got through contractions with light touch massage from DH. Transition was a bitch. Waited until I was ready to push and ignored MW. When I was ready I "breathed" DS out in 2 contractions. I guess things are easier 2nd time but I was shocked that it could be so "easy"

A friend of mine though did the same prep as me and eneded up with a very traumatic birth so you know, there's no guarantees.

ACM88 Wed 13-Aug-14 10:28:25

Thanks for all the information!!!

I am definitely going to research classes near me, I think it's so refreshing to hear stories of ladies being calm and relaxed prior to birth, most people/tv/films, just wind you up, and make you think birth is going to be so horrible!

Definitely agree you don't really know how it's going to pan out until you experience it, but I know what I'm like, so want to take as much stress out of birth as possible.

SWStressed Wed 13-Aug-14 10:34:14

I had a hypno birth inadvertently and it was amazing. It was my second after a very traumatic first delivery with forceps and intensive care for baby etc. I went into water quite early on and then just went into a zone. I knew I went into transition but was so out of it I didnt tell the midwife, didnt push and the baby just came out herself in a few strong contractions. The first the midwife and husband knew about it was when I pointed and they say the baby emerging, husband was reading paper! If i can't sleep even now 10 years later I try and get myself back to that room and relaxation. really weird. I think it might have been luck of the draw, child 3 was c section!

ACM88 Wed 13-Aug-14 19:35:27

That's amazing!!

There may be a chance that I will be classed as high risk, I'm sure I saw that scribbled down in my blue book somewhere, as I used to have to take anti-epileptic tablets (I don't anymore) do you think this will impact hypnobirthing in anyway? From my so far limited knowledge, it seems an incredible experience!! X

Lozmatoz Wed 13-Aug-14 21:14:02

I did it last time. Did the proper course. It was good rather than just reading the book, as DH would never gave got round to reading it, but did the course together.

I didn't have a pain free birth, but I felt completely in control and it went quickly and easily (not denying the hard work though). I work in the CBT field so very much fitted in with my beliefs and feel it helped me stay in control and relaxed.

No harm in trying it!

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Wed 13-Aug-14 21:24:29

I did natal hypnotherapy CDs rather than hypnobirthing. For my second child.

I found it nice and relaxing during pregnancy, but to be honest during the labour it did nothing for me. I just found that that type of coping technique wasn't for me. I wanted to get into odd positions and groan/moo/yell my way through the contractions. It wasn't traumatic as such, but I couldn't just float away and let it wash over me.

That said, I found the techniques useful for examinations afterwards in DC2 and DC3 and for a smear. I've also used it in other stressful situations. It just doesn't do it for me in labour. smile

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Wed 13-Aug-14 21:25:43

Oh, and I don't know if this is true, but I have heard people say that natal hypnotherapy is more flexible in terms of use in sections, etc than hypnotherapy.

Greenstone Wed 13-Aug-14 21:49:22

I got the CDs - during my last pregnancy and so far this one they have been fabulous to help me grab a quick nap during the day. As in when I can feel myself reeling from tiredness, if I have half an hour I put on the CD and lie down on the couch and bam, I'm out. (I am probably using them all wrong but who cares!)

The CDs were nice to listen to during latent stage but I didn't have them during established labour and I just don't think they would have worked in that way for me either, the pain was too much. I got a last-minute epidural which returned me to zen state and had a really calm uncomplicated birth after that.

I think hypnobirth is not the right choice for me for labour, but as a relaxation tool in the lead-up it can't be beat! Good luck.

ACM88 Wed 13-Aug-14 22:38:46

That's interesting, I'm quite aware that I will prob be needing pain relief at lots of points during the labour, hypnobirthing is more of a way of keeping me calm, so that I can deal with what ever comes along rationally hahah

FengMa Wed 13-Aug-14 22:44:21

I read the book, did the affirmations and relaxation podcasts daily from 30 weeks and went to classes.

Painless (albeit obviously intense!), relaxed labours ad a result and v happy chilled but alert babies - it was so gentle that my DD didn't even realise that she'd been born at first. Sat playing with my DD at home until 9-10cm when labouring with DS.

Highly recommend. Worth every penny.

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