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When should you be measured for an incompetent cervix? cervix

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Kentgirl171 Fri 08-Aug-14 22:10:28

Can anyone help? I've had two LEEP excisions, one 10 years ago and one 10 months ago. The last one was for CIN3 and they took a substantial part of my cervix away. The consultant in London advised that if I was pregnant, I would need to be regularly checked for cervical incompetence.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant and booked an appointment to see the Ob gyn at my hospital to have the cervix measured. When I arrived, I was met by the consultant's colleague who told me my cervix would not be checked or measured until week 23. Apparently the consultant does not see anyone until week 23. I feel this is too late in the 2nd trimester. The NHS website states that an incompetent cervix can cause miscarriage at any time in the second trimester.

I was told I should not return unless I have signs of miscarriage - bleeding, leaking etc.

Other posters seem to be having scans from 12 or 14 weeks. Is what I have been told normal? I am now very stressed and worried.

time2deal Fri 08-Aug-14 23:17:52

Without worrying you, I would find another way and get a scan. My midwife referred me to the specialist clinic at 8 weeks, but they decided I didn't need to be seen until 15 weeks.

Now I have had my cervix removed for cancer so I KNEW it had to be sooner, but I couldn't get past the nurse to see the consultant.

I ended up getting referred separately to another hospital by my IVF clinic, and by the time I got to 15 weeks I had already got a stitch.

However, LLETZ is less severe so nothing will most likely be visible by 12-14 weeks. Ie your cervix will look normal. I'd expect to start scans at around 17-18 weeks though. 23 feels a bit far along, but perhaps that is based on your own medical history.

I had a private scan and they did a cervix check for an additional £50. Not actually necessary in the end as I ended up being referred, but still with doing.

Maalia Sat 09-Aug-14 05:48:49

You need to find another way to get your cervix measured, including going private if necessary. 14 weeks is not too early to monitor the situation and get a stitch if your cervix is found to be too short already, especially if you had major surgery. Miscarriages can happen at this stage if the situation is not under control. Do it.

Poppiesway Sat 09-Aug-14 06:47:16

Where i work we measure the cervix at 20 weeks and 24 weeks via an internal scan. It's not just length that is looked at but any funnelling also. It's protocol for any one whose had lletz procedure only. I can't find the RCOG Green top recommendations on my phone at the moment but this is a good read. It is Australian but explains really well. We are on oar with them so it will be very similar.

Kentgirl171 Sun 10-Aug-14 07:47:23

Hi everyone, thanks for your views - and thanks for the link to the Aussie document Poppiesway. I'm hoping to return to the gynaecologist in London who operated on me. The local hospital said they'd offer care when travelling to London became too much. I'm actually shocked at their lack of concern for women who are at risk of cervical incompetence and am going to complain to the PCT.

Heatherbell1978 Sun 10-Aug-14 08:42:06

I had the lletz(?) procedure a couple of years ago (ie cells removed from cervix) and I got my cervix checked when I went for the 20 week scan.

mssleepyhead Sun 10-Aug-14 08:44:05

I was offered an internal scan to check my cervix at the 20 week scan. Was told it's not obligatory, but offered to all women, at least at my hospital. Sonographer wouldn't say whether she thought I should have it or not, but I decided to.

Kentgirl171 Mon 18-Aug-14 05:13:57

So I had the cervix measured privately in London and the consultant, who is also at UCH, said that there are no NHS guidelines but he would check the cervix between weeks 13 and 14. He said 23 weeks was far too late. Mine was fine but I have to have another check up in two weeks. Still shocked at the attitude of the Ob Gyn at my local hospital!

BeetlingAbout Mon 18-Aug-14 06:41:09

I second finding another way to get a scan. I was told that I may have an incompetent cervix from my history, however i couldn't even get my midwife booking in app until 12 weeks at my local hospital, despite early bleeding. So, i got in touch with a consultant from a different hospital (that had email addresses on hospital website) who agreed to see me on gp referral and we ended up having a stitch at 13 weeks. I finally got my cervical length scan at local hospital at 18 weeks after pestering!

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