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had my pre clerking today baby breech and they are panicing

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frankiebuns Fri 08-Aug-14 12:44:29

Ok, like message says I'm 37 + 4 days and had my pre clerking appt today they decided to feel for baby I aslways say good luck as I'm a tad podgey, a student tries and shouts for whole ward to hear its a breech! Sdhe then calls mw over who disgrees so they do doppler hb high up under ribs so looks like it they then start tyo panic and phone registrars order scans I'm due to have a c section aznyway so wehy the panic or am I really missing something here,

GalaxyInMyPants Fri 08-Aug-14 12:52:11

Makes no difference. The dr doing the section prefers to know beforehand as the manovers to get a breech baby out are different. You wouldn't normally let an sho who's learning to do sections do a breech one and I guess even a more experienced Dr might like to think for a minute before statprting the proceedure. But I've seen sections done where the breech has been undiagnosed until mid operation and its no panic.

rightsaidfred Fri 08-Aug-14 13:42:05

My baby is breech and everyone is non plussed as i am already booked for an elective section...... consultant says it doesnt matter and I am not even getting an extrascan to confirm it (which I would have liked)

frankiebuns Fri 08-Aug-14 20:10:05

I was surprised about an extra scan on that morning, was supposed to get one today but registrars were busy o couldn't do it. Mw said she was right way up but couldn't get a heart beat where she thought as heart beat was high up ( unless my dd has a heart in her bottom she's breech) it was complete panic then everyone shoutung at each other and I was just led there oblivious and saying yeah she likes that side

DinoSnores Fri 08-Aug-14 21:31:04

It is also very important to know that you are breech in case you go into labour spontaneously prior to your section, as well you might as you are now at term.

wingcommandergallic Fri 08-Aug-14 22:52:35

That's true. They should have given you info about a cord prolapse if you go into spontaneous labour.

Not exactly a reason to panic though.

frankiebuns Fri 08-Aug-14 23:05:18

No nothing like that was mentioned!

GalaxyInMyPants Sat 09-Aug-14 08:53:02

Depends on the breech. If the bum is well down there's no more concern about a cord prolapse than a cephalic pregnancy. Footling breech is more of a concern.

frankiebuns Sat 09-Aug-14 09:03:44

I've just been told she's breevh I thought I felt a foot down low kicking on my cervix but I'm not sure they were desperate for a presentation scan but all the registrars were busy so decided to do it on the day also new registrars new rules! I was a bit gutted but now starting to worry as I feel crampy and ouchy and dnt want a cord prolapse

rightsaidfred Sat 09-Aug-14 11:42:31

3rd section for me- I have been given the same info this time as the other 2 which were cepgalic...... if I think I am in labour or waters break I need to come into hospital asap

frankiebuns Sat 09-Aug-14 15:02:42

I was given info about exercise but noting re labour!

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