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incredible pregnancy discomfort

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annaif Fri 08-Aug-14 11:00:19

hello ladies, I just thought I should get some advice from all of you out there who may are or have been in the same position....
I am already 15 weeks into my second pregnancy (with a second boy) and despite trying to stay mobile by doing regular excercise, cycling to work almost daily, dealing with an active 2.5 year old boy and having a very balanced diet (with the more than occasional treat here and there- lets not get crazy!) I have already put on about 7 kilos in less than 4 months and feel HUGE.

The problem is that I am constantly hungry and after each meal I feel horrendously uncomfortable, unable to sit in my office chair, end up huffing and puffing like a whale and generally don't know what to do with myself!
I try to minimize my portions and eat smaller meals more regularly but I still end up feeling bad and still hungry even if I eat less.

I drink loads of water so end up in a perpetual cycle of going to the loo every so often, which is good to get me moving and out of my chair, but that entails going up and down stairs which really kill me!
Despite the active daily routine, I already feel aches and pains, especially in my hip joints, and just an overwhelming feeling of pressure from my bump (and boobs)... just generally feeling like I am way into my third trimester when I have just entered the second.

Incidentally, I have been prescribed iron as I was diagnosed with low iron levels but taking it regularly hasn't really made much difference in my general well being (or lack thereof).

I did put on a lot of weight in my first pregnancy with my boy (about 3.5 stone or more- stopped counting after a point...) and this time around, it looks like it may get worse, without me binge eating or being a couch potato.

Any ideas or shared similar stories to make me feel like I am not the only miserable pregnant woman in the hood???

Thanks for listening to my moan smile

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