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Graphic image! Be aware. Can this be a miscarriage ?

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Moonchildd Fri 08-Aug-14 08:54:33

I barly got back on birth control and got my period as expected. The day I started my period I had the worst cramps. Once it was time to change my tampon I saw this on my panty liner. Could this possibly be a miscarriage. Please let me know your opinions

gamerchick Fri 08-Aug-14 08:55:50

Take a test if it was then the hormone will still be present.

TeaAndALemonTart Fri 08-Aug-14 09:00:46

I think you should call your gp for advice, how are you feeling?

MrsGiraffe12 Fri 08-Aug-14 09:15:07

Call your gp for advice Hun and perhaps take this along so they can test it xx

squizita Fri 08-Aug-14 10:00:45

Take this sac in a plastic tub to your doctor and get them to send you to the hospital for a scan/blood test. Ask at the hospital if they need to do pathology on this.
That looks pretty big sac (as in not just a couple of weeks - I'd put it past 6 weeks based on past experience): either it is a MC or something else (e.g. a partial or complete molar) that needs a scan and looking into and possibly medical care.

Please would you remove the pictures though: even with the warning, they are very triggering and could cause someone a lot of trauma.
Because you ask what to do, I was expecting some blood/clots but this is more 'clear' than that.

FoodieMum3 Fri 08-Aug-14 10:17:15

I think it's definitely the contents of a pregnancy. (Sorry, I have no idea how to word that as sensitively as possible).

I agree with the other posts, bring it along to your GP.

Hope you're ok, what a terrible fright to get thanks

lighteningmcmama Fri 08-Aug-14 15:58:09

I'm.Sorry to hear about what you're going through, whatever it turns out to be.

I agree with squizita though, the images even despite the warning are perhaps not entirely necessary in order to pose the question and get the support you need.

Hope things work out for you.

FiloFunky Fri 08-Aug-14 16:37:24

Hope you are ok xx

OneStepCloser Fri 08-Aug-14 16:58:37

Put it in a plastic container and you need to see a GP, please do this.

Take care x

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