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First baby buys

(15 Posts)
JennyBlueWren Thu 07-Aug-14 17:29:39

What was the first thing you bought for baby.

Weirdly I just bought some Infacol! My local co-op is having a refit and selling everything off cheap. I saw the Infacol for 31p and thought it was such a bargain that I bought it on impulse. I'm only 11 weeks and haven't bought anything else yet for baby. Tempted to see how much their nappies are...

Mistyautumn Thu 07-Aug-14 17:33:02

I bought a babygrow that I fell in love with. Wouldn't normally have worried but the one I fell in love with was in the airport in Auckland, New Zealand. Figured I wouldn't be able to go back to get it later and I was 16 weeks by that point x

Mrsgrumble Thu 07-Aug-14 17:36:06

This time I have a lot (not long since I needed the maternity bag)

However I bought a couple of frog babygro's from next with matching little frog hat. Totally cute and good for suprise gender.

I also bought little cream bottoms that I thought would be handy with a vest at night instead those poppers.

Mistyautumn Thu 07-Aug-14 17:37:48

He he mrsgrumble I bought none of the frog suits for my nephew!

Mistyautumn Thu 07-Aug-14 17:38:21

* one

deenamathew Fri 08-Aug-14 08:40:55

I had bought baby clothes for my first baby.

liesal79 Fri 08-Aug-14 09:44:19

I Brought a superbaby Babygro at 16 weeks and yesterday after my 20 week scan, brought some bottles and a sterliser!! very odd!

Sleepyhoglet Fri 08-Aug-14 10:04:49

Oh dear have I over done it?! I've ordered the nursery furniture, decided on pram, bought a storksak elizabeth changing bag smile, a Moses basket (2nd hand) new mattress, gliding crib (2nd hand), lots of clothes off ebay, terry towelling babygros from Mothercare, second hand baby bjorn bouncer and sling, gorgeous doudou et compagnie baby gym for £10 in tk maxx, free breast pump, wall stickers for nursery, 4 packs pampers (bogof), lanosin. Think that's about it!!

I'm 25 weeks today.

Annarose2014 Fri 08-Aug-14 10:08:54

I don't think I've bought anything.... blush 27 weeks and still too scared!

ohthegoats Fri 08-Aug-14 11:00:50

We bought a buggy off ebay at about 25 weeks. It was the only thing we bought until I collected together all the stuff we'd been loaned, and went shopping for the gaps last Thursday.

I'm nearly 33 weeks, but was just getting a bit knackered and fed up, and knew that I'd not want to go shopping any later than this. So I did it all in one day - three trips back and forth to the car, but I have everything - nappies, pads, sheets, clothes, witch hazel.. the whole shebang. There were some bits I ordered, they were all delivered on Monday. Now it's all packed into one big bag under the bed (separated into things a baby would need in hospital, things I'll need, things that need to stay home) and won't be seen (hopefully) until mid September, but it's been done and I can relax about it all. If I had to go into hospital in a hurry, me or the boyf could just pick up a bag from inside the big bag, and go.

FTMK Fri 08-Aug-14 14:02:35

Very organised ohthegoats. Like that idea when I eventually get sorted and buy stuff.

Annarose, I'm 25 weeks. I had bought a pack of muslins until today. I was in Mothercare buying some mat clothes for me and I bought another pack of Muslins and a 3 pack of bodysuits in new baby size. Slightly scared to buy anything. We have started clearing out the room that will be the nursery but not bought anything yet. Might have a look on eBay as we've just sold loads of DVD box sets so the PayPal account has cash in it.

stargirl1701 Fri 08-Aug-14 14:17:37

A book:

When the World Was Waiting for You

I cried in Waterstones whilst reading it. grin

blamber Fri 08-Aug-14 14:52:44

I bought some vests and sleep suits after my 20 week scan. A month later I have a pram too but nothing else. I want to get things sorted though but just need to find the time to go shopping!

What's the witch hazel for?

ohthegoats Fri 08-Aug-14 15:01:19

To put on maternity pads (either from the fridge, or not) to help ease pain of bruised lady bits, or stitches.

moggle Fri 08-Aug-14 15:45:17

First thing was at about 8 weeks, a little babygrow that I thought was adorable and worried about not being able to get later. I also got a cheap travelcot in the Aldi baby event...
After 12 weeks (I'm now 25 weeks) I have just bought things when I have found a really good bargain; so far some reusable nappies and terries on a ridiculous offer at mothercare, some clothes on sale at Tesco, a merino wool swaddle at 60% off from merino kids, a bear snowsuit from ebay, a change mat, more reusable nappies and some other things in the tesco clubcard boost (so basically FREE!). Muslins and towels in the more recent Aldi baby thingy. I just can't resist a bargain!

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