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What are you looking forward to doing again after pregnancy?

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mrsnlw Thu 07-Aug-14 10:41:59

Ok so theres the usual.... Have a glass of wine, some brie and pate but what about the things you took for granted before but miss now?

For me I cant wait to be able to pee like a normal person and feel I have peed rather than end up heading back to the loo a few moments later.

Cant wait to be able to reach a shelf in my kitchen.... I cant reach it myself now because of my bump!

Being able to turn over in bed without feeling its such a chore!

Being able to shave my legs with ease

Be able to get out of the bath with ease instead of feeling like a beetle on its shell!

Anyone else?!

nc060 Thu 07-Aug-14 10:47:18

Being able to wear more than 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of pumps. my feet are too fat for all my other shoes!!

ohthegoats Thu 07-Aug-14 11:02:07

I want my appetite and digestion to go back to normal.
I want to not have to inject myself every day.
I want some motivation back.
I want to run and lift weights.
I want to lie on my front and read a book not about baby stuff.
I want to fancy sex properly.

LBNM19 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:12:33

Just to feel "normal" again. I'm so tired all the time and I remember after the birth of my first son feeling back to myself. Can't wait for that xx

Mmolly2013 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:17:51

Can't wait to sleep on my stomach, also have all my energy back and be able to drink green tea, coffee and wine.

Cupcakes123 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:22:22

I can't wait to (eventually) get back to wearing non Elasticated clothes, be able to get out of the bath without major effort and be able to roll over in bed without looking like a tortoise that got stuck on it's back.

And god, I want a vodka soooo much!
2 weeks til EDD, this baby is getting it's eviction notice soon wink

weebairn Thu 07-Aug-14 11:23:19

Sleep on my stomach. Sleep at all (I slept much better with a newborn than pregnant last time). Run (well, not immediately). Drink wine. Wear my clothes again.

Breastfeed, funnily enough. I found it a chore for 6 months, ok for another 6, and loved it for 8 months after that and then DD stopped when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Kinda miss it.

weebairn Thu 07-Aug-14 11:23:38

8 weeks to go here and so tired.

Cupcakes123 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:24:25

And also not to have to carry a bottle of gaviscon around in my handbag. And have to swig out of said bottle in public hmm

DrewsWife Thu 07-Aug-14 11:26:17

Get in and out of the car without looking like a sitting beached whale.

Dump the crutches and codeine.

Poo normally

Enjoy coffee and most foods again. I have the appetite of a squirrel

Sleep on my tummy.

I'm 21 weeks. The list goes on hahah. I will stop now!!!

Lizzylivi81 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:27:39

Not feel sick anymore. Take pleasure in eating again. I miss eating and feeling normal. I've no energy and I'm done. 8 weeks 6 days and counting!!!!!!

ohthegoats Thu 07-Aug-14 11:32:42

The appetite/eating thing winds me up - how is this a reasonable biological thing? Why have we evolved to feel sick and crappy while pregnant - surely we should want to eat anything and everything to nourish a baby? But nooooo...

mrsnlw Thu 07-Aug-14 11:38:11

Im loving the replies.... I've got 4 days til D Day!

cupcakes I agree with the Gaviscon and the clothes too!

whiteblossom Thu 07-Aug-14 11:39:37

Oh theres loads of things but the ones that pop in my head are..

to wear non maternity clothes- to go shopping!
Sex- sex that's not weird because Im pg!
Sleeping on my front
To be able to exercise
Coffee, good strong blow your head off grin

ohthegoats Thu 07-Aug-14 11:44:43

Have you got a 'first meal' planned for after it's out? I have... my boyfriend the vegan is going to cook/prepare me a dirty martini to drink with a bowl of nuts, Brussels pate as a starter, a really blue fillet steak with stilton sauce, loads of green veg (have totally gone off vegetables at the moment), a massive glass of Pinot Noir, followed by some sort of chocolate mousse with raw egg AND booze in it.

Cupcakes123 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:49:35

That sounds AMAZING!

I'll probably get birds eye fish fingers and spaghetti hoops lovingly cooked by my DP. Yay! hmm

TwigletFiend Thu 07-Aug-14 11:52:22

ohthegoats, this ^ is a genius idea!

I want to be able to ride my horse without having to stop every two or three strides to poke the baby off my right hip, where it seems to sit when it wants to be awkward. I want to be able to jump a fence more than 18" high without my DP having apoplexy.

I also want to wear a proper bra again. With wiring and everything.

Cupcakes123 Thu 07-Aug-14 11:52:29

4 days! I'm so jealous!!
Do you know what you're having?

MarchEliza Thu 07-Aug-14 11:54:49

To not feel tired all the time.

Oh. Wait...

BumpNGrind Thu 07-Aug-14 11:57:02

I'm just looking forward to sitting down/standing up/turning over without making involuntary puffing noises.

weebairn Thu 07-Aug-14 11:57:55

Sounds SO good ohthegoats… sadly I have been really slack this pregnancy and am eating things like rare steak anyway!

Last time I had champagne (went STRAIGHT to my head) and a huge wodge of soft cheese!!

mrsnlw Thu 07-Aug-14 11:58:21

cupcakes brain fart... its actually 3 days not 4 yet it still feels like an etermity and preparing myself for induction just in case!!!! No, just a baby smile...

weebairn Thu 07-Aug-14 11:58:39

It's a different kind of tiredness though MarchEliza, and I think it's a MUCH better kind!

JuniDD Thu 07-Aug-14 11:59:30

I'm hoping I will have some strength/power again. I shouldn't have to ask DP to open bottles of frigging water!
I want my face back too - I used to have cheekbones and features, now it's all roundy and moony and I don't look like me anymore. sad

gunwalloe Thu 07-Aug-14 12:00:12

Ive got GD and what I want more than anything is a Mars Bar or cake or sweets or anything that has a large concentration of sugar

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