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Nub/Skull Theory

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FranksBobot Wed 06-Aug-14 20:11:53

Evening all, tomorrow is our 20 week scan and all being well we are hoping to find out whether we are team pink or blue. I think girl, DP reckons boy. What do you lovely lot think? I will definitely let you know tomorrows result.
These are the pics from 12 weeks & 4 days.

LottyLikesWindows Wed 06-Aug-14 20:25:41

It's nubtastic on here tonight. I'd say it's a girl. Let us know tomorrow smile and good luck.

Mumof3xox Wed 06-Aug-14 20:28:11


First makes me say boy

Second girl

Helpful me!

FranksBobot Wed 06-Aug-14 20:36:06

It's definitely the same baby Mumof3 but that did make me giggle.

It is a bit isn't it Lotty. I'm just trying to calm myself down as stupidly excited for tomorrow. Thought distracting myself on here might help.

Showy Wed 06-Aug-14 20:38:52

Girl. If I had to guess.

LottyLikesWindows Thu 07-Aug-14 23:08:59

How did it go today OP? Hope all is tickety boo.

FranksBobot Thu 07-Aug-14 23:59:24

All went brilliantly and you all guessed very well as we are indeed expecting a little girl grin

Showy Fri 08-Aug-14 11:23:11

Oh congratulations!

LottyLikesWindows Fri 08-Aug-14 13:01:10

Great news, congratulations smile

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