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8 weeks - blimey do I feel bad ��

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questionmysanity Tue 05-Aug-14 17:27:10

Currently 8 weeks pregnant after experiencing a partial molar pregnancy last year. God, do I feel ill! This is my 3rd child but my other two are 14 and 17.
Feel sick on and off all day and just soooo exhausted. I'm sure dh is fed up with hearing me moan and such but I just feel so awful.
I'm lucky to work from home and work is very quiet atm which gives me plenty of chance to rest but sometimes this isn't necessarily a good thing as I just sit around feeling ill and sorry for myself. One day just seems to merge into the next. I'm so demotivated and down.

Please tell me someone else feels like this and that it will get better soon .......��

gargalesis Tue 05-Aug-14 19:06:53

I am EXACTLY the same, OP! Can I join your pity party?

I'm 8 weeks today, I work from home, and I've spent the last few weeks moping around, feeling nauseus and exhausted. I can't leave the house because it's too hot and I feel like collapsing whenever I venture out. I'm getting ridiculously behind on my work. I'm supposed to be writing my thesis, which has absolutely got to be finished before I give birth, but this deadline has just completely paralysed me and I feel like I can't do anything.

I'm really happy about the pregnancy, I've been planning it for ages, but this lack of energy is getting me a bit depressed. I'm just praying I get my energy back at some point.

questionmysanity Tue 05-Aug-14 22:31:03

Sorry to hear you're feeling the same way but also relieved to hear I'm not alone.

I feel very much the same as in I just can't get things done. Even dragging my ass off the sofa to get pa drink takes all the willpower I have. Feel like my house is a tip but just cba to do anything about it which in turn makes me feel even more crap. Aaa arrrggghhhh! Roll on 12 wks and just hope it eases off then!

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