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22 weeks - want to start exercising again

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kitkat321 Tue 05-Aug-14 15:19:05

I was relatively active before I fell pregnant - not superfit but I was running a few times a week - only 5k ish. I also walked a lot - was always taking the dog for power walks and had started canifit with her which was fab!

I ran up until about 8 weeks and then I got a horrid cold/chest infection which took weeks to shift. Then I had to contend with pregnancy tiredness and horrid nausea and sickness up until about 18/19 weeks.

I'm now generally feeling better - still have the nausea some days but I accept that I'll be stuck with this until the end.

I'm disgusted by how heavy and unfit I am now and I'd like to start doing some exercise again but I still struggle with energy and also find I get breathless very easily and would probably be beaten by a 90 year old with a zimmerframe at the moment. I'm not sure though how much of this is simply due to being unfit and how much is related to the pregnancy.

I spoke to MW who didn't seem concerned - said it was probably just due to pregnancy but that she'll check my iron levels at next appointment. She also told me to cut down the carbs and reduce my portion size if I'm worried about weight?!?

Is there any thing I could start again at this point - obviously running is a no go so I'm going to try and power walk a couple of miles a few times a week. Would it be ok to start swimming again? I'd also thought about yoga and aquanatal but I don't know how much those would help at this point!

GailLondon Tue 05-Aug-14 15:41:26

I'd say a definite yes to power walking and swimming. With DS1 I did some running pre-pregnancy, less than what you have been doing, and I was able to keep power walking in the gym up until 8 months (and I am not a sporty person at all!). Just try it and see how you get on, you can always cut down the speed or distance if you need to. They generally say if you are too out of breath to speak when exercising, then you are overdoing it.
I also did pregnancy yoga from 6 months ish up until 38 weeks or so, it was so gentle I don't think it counted as exercise! But good for flexibility and relaxation.

With this pregnancy I stopped running at 6 weeks and felt so sick I've really done nothing until now (14 weeks). I finally have some energy back and keen to do something! Im going to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a while, am planning some treadmill walking and gentle cycling.

BanglesSpangles Tue 05-Aug-14 16:15:53

I'd say deffo yes to power walking

I was doing pretty much the same amount of exercise as you pre-BFP, but from about two weeks before I found out I was too busy to run, and then was too knackered, so I only started up again last week (at around 11 weeks)

Have started again but shorter distances, slower speed and more walking, and I feel absolutely great for it- appreciate I'm not quite as far along as you, but at least it shows that you can have a big gap in exercising and still get back to doing something smile

kitkat321 Tue 05-Aug-14 16:32:25

Thanks both - the bump does restrict me - it's heavy and does affect my balance. I find if I push it to much I get cramping/pain under my bump so can only do so much - just hate this horrible sluggish feeling!

Clairejessicamiller Tue 05-Aug-14 16:51:37

I'm not as far along but my aqua teacher says it's fine to do aqua pretty much until you pop!! Just let the teacher know and they will adapt it for you. I've started doing a few pregnancy routines I've found on youtube which is great as I can do them when I have the energy smile

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 06-Aug-14 03:24:00

You can do any exercise you want as long as you aren't out of breath or lying on your back. I found both antenatal yoga and aqua natal a bit of non exercise. I do yoga because of the flexibility side of things and it is relaxing. Don't think it will make you fit.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 06-Aug-14 03:25:09

You could also try pilates. There are antenatal ones around. I like how it exercise the core muscles.

icklekid Wed 06-Aug-14 04:38:27

I was very similar previously ran 5k fairly fit then stopped exercising because of sickness and spd- physio ran antenatal gym session at hospital I went to which built confidence, I kept going to gym 3/4 times a week up to 38 weeks smile go for it!

marrappa Wed 06-Aug-14 11:51:24

aquanatal has been the perfect exercise for me during pregnancy always feel ten times better afterwards good to keep moving.

kitkat321 Wed 06-Aug-14 13:00:46

Thanks all - I had a power walk last night - only for about 40 minutes but better than nothing.

I think yoga will be too low impact - I'll try aquanatal and see how it goes - I might just start swimming again as I can do a bit more/bit less depending on how I feel - really not keen to get back into a swimming costume through!

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