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Babymoon in Oct/Nov -help!

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misstiggiwinkle Tue 05-Aug-14 08:04:42

Morning all, DH and I are considering a baby moon in about October/November time as I'll be 6/7 months pregnant by then (due in early Feb). The problem is we have no idea where to go! Any great suggestions or success stories? We are thinking maybe 4-5 days, something relaxing as I doubt I'll be too energetic by then (1st preg so no idea!). Would somewhere like Dubai/Oman be too far to travel? Or would somewhere considerably closer to home be a better idea? Help!! smile

Heels99 Tue 05-Aug-14 08:07:59

We did luxury hotels in the uk when I was pg although we didn't call it a babymoon,I thought that was a holiday with the baby. Also did a lovely weekend in London

ElleDubloo Tue 05-Aug-14 10:34:26

We popped down to Eastbourne for a weekend when I was 5-6 months. We only live in London so it was a nice short journey. Very relaxing and romantic. Good seaside walks, pub food, fresh air and ice cream.

Personally I wouldn't plan any long plane journeys, because I get a sore back if I sit for too long (even when not pregnant), and with the tiredness that comes from pregnancy you'd want to minimise any hassle or stress.

Heatherbell1978 Tue 05-Aug-14 10:50:13

Heels99 I always thought a babymoon was as OP says, a last holiday before baby arrives! We did one in March, probably earlier than we should have (I was 18 weeks) and we went to Lanzarote. The Canary Islands might be an idea if you don't want to travel too far? And they have year round sunshine. I had no issues on the flight/holiday but I've had an easy pregnancy (38 wks now and still have very few symptoms) so it really depends on how you feel. I have a friend who went to Thailand at 7 months, I wish we'd waited a bit longer before going as I could have managed fine travelling later in the pregnancy but we weren't sure at the time. Maybe leave it a bit longer before booking to see how things progress.

Heels99 Tue 05-Aug-14 11:00:39

I did a dictionary google! Babymoon is either a holiday taken just before birth of baby, or just after with the baby or is a period of quiet time with baby following birth. So anything goes!

Only1scoop Tue 05-Aug-14 11:04:10

I went to La Palma....very relaxing but very remote.

Only1scoop Tue 05-Aug-14 11:06:00

I was almost 7 months didn't realise it was a 'baby moon' though blush

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 05-Aug-14 11:08:12

We went to Santorini when I was 7 months pregnant - but that was a honeymoon but not a baby moon. Lovely and very releasing, lovely people but would it still be warm in October?

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Tue 05-Aug-14 16:23:30

Babymoon seems to have developed two completely different meanings. I always knew it as meaning when you snuggle up with your new baby for a few days post birth. But the new meaning of a holiday before baby seems to be gaining currency.

Mistyautumn Tue 05-Aug-14 22:48:22

Don't have any suggestions on place but beware of overheating. At 7 and a half months the idea of Doha/ Dubai sound like hell on earth and I love a hot holiday normally. Go for somewhere 5-10 degrees cooler than you want as it will feel 10 degrees hotter than it really is by that point of pregnancy xx

RetroHippy Tue 05-Aug-14 23:27:03

Ooh, can I tag on? Due late Jan and looking for ideas for October half term. I don't like the heat at the best of times, so ideally I'd like to go somewhere that's the temperature it's been here this week. 20-25 degrees with nothing strenuous to do, perfect!

We may end up in southern UK as a couple of relatives have caravans down there so it's cheap (important in school hols hmm)

I'd prefer Canary Islands though grin

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 06-Aug-14 03:13:14

I love hot weather and even hike at over 30C heat. Both dry type in Nevada and humid type in Hong Kong.

Even I struggled with the latest hot weather in the UK
south coast. I found it unbearable when it gets to 23-25C but I am in my third trimester. Couldn't sleep at night sweating in bed. Couldn't breath in the office as the air con isn't strong enough. (Found the h&m in town the same last weekend).

Based on that I'd stay somewhere at most 20C during the day unless you are just going to stay inside air con rooms.

Sorehead Wed 06-Aug-14 05:51:33

We went to Lanzarote when I was 24 weeks pregnant. We picked it because, although it was warm there was a nice breeze during the day and temperatures dropped of an evening meaning no issues being to hot when trying to sleep.

We stayed in a lovely quiet set of apartments, within walking distance of a number of different types of restaurants and bars.

Enjoy whatever you decide to do!

Sorehead Wed 06-Aug-14 05:51:59

too hot*

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Wed 06-Aug-14 05:58:53

Seville etc in Spain?

Missingcaffeine Wed 06-Aug-14 07:00:16

Canary islands might be a good choice.
I went to greek island at 26 weeks, loved it, but it was June and I don't think it might be a little chilly in Oct/Nov if you want sun.
Since around 26 weeks though I've struggled more in the heat, and so where I would normally love to be 30C, 20C is now perfect for me!
I don't think I'd want a flight much longer than 4-5 hours, which means i you want warmth, you are limited with choices.
It is also worth considering health care facilities - in case you get sick, or baby comes early, and the hygiene of where you are going as you don't want to risk getting sick - i.e. I would avoid places like Tunisia where your chances of upset stomach are higher.
Check insurance too as some don't cover pregnancy. Some airlines won't let you on after 27 weeks, others let you fly much later.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 06-Aug-14 08:00:57

Dubai is lovely and I think the flight would be fine with someone like Emirates or BA slightly more leg room n space drink n meal on flight I think is a 7hr flight.

We went to Egypt when I was 10wks pregnant suppose to be low 30s and heat wave and was low 40s that was hard going. This is 2nd baby for us.

With first we had been to Maldives mth before we conceived so didn't go anywhere during pregnancy abroad did lots of local hotel breaks.

We actually still do weekend breaks and think easier with small baby sleep in pram while you have dinner etc. Our little one is nearly 4 now he loves going somewhere New for a weekend

eurochick Wed 06-Aug-14 08:05:19

Bear in mind that after 28 weeks most airlines require a fit to fly letter.

We went to the Maldives at 20ish weeks, which was great but I smile not sure that I would have wanted to do that flight if I was much bigger, and for a mini break in France at 27 weeks, which was fine. I then developed a problem in my thus far easy pregnancy so that was the end of my foreign travels.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 06-Aug-14 08:11:49

Early pregnancy travel are much easier! I did a long haul trip of Hong Kong and Japan around 12-14 weeks when I was pregnant with DD. Didn't feel uncomfortable at all with the long flight. Though I was so lucky I didn't suffer from bad morning sickness either. (I'm really bad this time round). But I booked that holiday long before I fell pregnant so no way I'll cancel it.

LePetitPont Wed 06-Aug-14 08:49:42

We went to SW france at 24-26 weeks and had a lovely time, despite the warm weather. It was early June so not supposed to be quite so hot as it was! I really didn't want to go anywhere renounced for wall to wall sunshine and heat. Oops!

Took maternity notes and made sure I had travel insurance that covered pregnancy - all was well.

It would be pleasant but not crazy hot in the south of france that time of year, maybe Italy - not too far to fly, either.

ShoeWhore Wed 06-Aug-14 09:00:07

We went to Barcelona when I was pg and had a great time - should be very pleasant at that time of year and shortish flight.

I know it's hard to predict how you'll feel but I was pretty fit and active throughout my pregnancies, did find I wanted to rest more from about 30 weeks though. Did a 5.5 hour flight to Cyprus at about 28 weeks and found it fine. You can always have a siesta grin

Do check your travel insurance carefully, especially if returning after 28 weeks.

ladydolly Wed 06-Aug-14 11:31:21

We went to Tenerife when I was 22 weeks and the flight home was awful, I was just so uncomfortable. I went to Dubai at 20 weeks but flew business class or I would have refused to go. I had another flight booked at 25 weeks but cancelled it in the end because of my back pain.

We just had a weekend in York and it was lovely, if was offered a trip now at 27 weeks to anywhere I wanted, I still think I'd choose UK!

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