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midwifes aren't seeing me till after birth

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frankiebuns Wed 30-Jul-14 14:57:10

I had a routine mw apt this morning not my usual mw as she is off sick and tbh this one seemed clueless she scanned my notes pulled out my birth plan like it was a piece of old tissue read it and raised her eye brows ok it only had 4 points on cos I'm having a elcs so did what I could control! She did the routines commented on how often I had Been in dau (although only twice has been my choice) she read that I wanted to change mw although that was when iwas 15 weeks Im pleased with who I have atm. I'm supposed to be seen 2 weekly and she said as u have your pre clerking at 10am on the 8th she said we won't see you that week we will see you on the 19th here I laughed and said I'll be in hospital for elcs she said oh it says ur vbac err no if u look again it says elcs consent given! Is this normal now as I was seen right up until ds was born 2 weeks late, I feel sad scared etc that this was my last ever appt, and what is pre clerking? Student mw seemed vague and just said paperwork

Marnierose Wed 30-Jul-14 16:09:24

How many weeks are you now? Maybe she thought the hospital would do you final midwife choc when you have your routine pre op stuff done?

Marnierose Wed 30-Jul-14 16:09:48

(If in doubt phone up and check directly). Good luck smile smile

frankiebuns Wed 30-Jul-14 21:51:32

I'm 36 +2, I was surprised I couldn't be seen before and I havnt been able to do antenatal because of lack of funding and cut backs where I live there is one place for antenatal/ bf classes i n the whole county with 16 placeson each course so atm I'm winging it and my sons best friends mum is goving me 1:1 bf classes as she does private classes at sure start center , mw said bloods and bp will be taken but mostly paperwork for c section. Then only have 10 days after that before d day! The mw seemed pretty sure id be out the following day from c section. I'm going to b on celaxain for a week and my fear of needles won't b gonr so asking them to administer!

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