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Eviction commenced.... Possible signs?

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mrsnlw Wed 30-Jul-14 11:37:29

Had a successful S&S Monday. Last night eviction process really did commence - Curry for tea, bounced on ball, RL tea, hot bath and sex.

(TMI) I got up after we had dtd and cleaned myself up a bit but left as much in as possible, popped a pad on and went to sleep. Woke about 2 hours later for a pee and found that there were loads of like... stringy stuff coming out when I wiped. (I was in the ensuite which has a glass door so couldnt put a light on) but felt I was almost pulling this gunk out.

Woke up today and have had some ovulation/period type twinges and some back ache in the kidney area.

Possible signs?

gamerchick Wed 30-Jul-14 11:39:15

Yep.. good luck grin

mrsnlw Wed 30-Jul-14 11:50:20

Fingers not legs crossed!

AntoinetteCosway Wed 30-Jul-14 12:05:50

I've had period pain since Sunday and also had an hour of full on contractions on Sunday afternoon. Nothing else seems to be happening though. Grr.

Redling Wed 30-Jul-14 14:32:42

So jealous! I had some cramping yesterday at intervals but nothing since. Felt sick and on the loo all day, so no curries for me or I'll be in agony! Taking the RL capsules. Going to midwife this afternoon but as I'm only 38 weeks I know she won't sweep me yet! Wish she would through.

mrsnlw Wed 30-Jul-14 14:36:20

I've had some more vile, disgusting stringy discharge today and probably used about half a bloody loo roll and it just seemed to keep coming. Really hoping it is a sign!

popcorngazebo Wed 30-Jul-14 17:38:47

Yep that sounds about how mine started!

mrsnlw Thu 31-Jul-14 14:10:44

When does the mucus stop?! sad

BunnyLebowski Thu 31-Jul-14 14:15:24

Sounds very promising OP!

I'm 40+2 and feeling absolutely bloody nothing sad . Not a single solitary cramp or sign of my plug or backache or anything.

Hoping the midwife will give me a sweep tomorrow. Urgh.

mrsnlw Fri 01-Aug-14 13:51:26

Had fresh red nlood yday, cue hours spent in maternity triage to be told it was part of my show. Didn't realise could be fresh red blood. Thought would be old blood. Dr did another S&S last night with her shovel sized man hands and have waved the white flag and stopped work. Told work the hospital advised me to stop work so assume my maternity leave has started. Was due to finish next Thurs at 39+4. Proud I lasted to 38+4! Waiting to see if the S&S has any effect.

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