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Depression and pregnancy...

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PaintedLady2014 Wed 30-Jul-14 02:24:51

I'm posting on behalf of a friend, with her permission. She is 10 weeks pregnant. The Dad is a very good friend of mine but the relationship is very new and the baby wasn't planned.

She is being medicated for depression, pain (from domestiv violence, her jaw was broken) and insomnia. Her GP is obviously monitoring this but she's had some trouble from pushy midwives.

She's very nervous about standing up for herself. She was abused as a child (sexual) and is only recently being helped with this.

Is there any support groups that I can suggest to her for abused children who are now becoming parents? She's doubting her abilities and having a really hard time standing up for herself with the midwives who from what I can gather are doing nothing but making her feel worse, encouraging abortion etc.

Any help or advice about where I can push her towards to get a bit of extra support I would be really grateful.

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