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2nd time labour/birth

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MacTaylorsSecretWife Tue 29-Jul-14 19:55:39

I've got 5 weeks before I'm due my second baby and I have a couple of questions.

Is the labour and birth generally quicker?

Also if you had a tear the first time round are you more likely to tear again? Healing from a tear was the worst part for me and I'm really scared I'll tear again.

Somanyillustrations Tue 29-Jul-14 20:01:07

I had DS 15 weeks ago, DD is 3.5. I had a horrendous tear and very slow recovery with DD. At some point I will be having surgery to repair the lasting damage. With DS I had a couple of small stitches, but was just a graze really, healed easily and no problems now.

Labour was a bit quicker (4.5 hours active labour, 6.5 with DD). I found it all much easier as I knew what to expect.

Good luck thanks

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