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Can I measure myself??

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LightUpLightUp Tue 29-Jul-14 09:57:48

The cashier in Tesco has tipped me over the edge this AM.

I have 12 weeks left, 12! She asked me how long I had left and when I told her she said "Blimey!!Are you expecting twins then!?" I gave her dagger eyes of course but I also felt really embarrassed.

Thing is I have recently been concerned - as it is my second child I haven't seen the midwife in 3 months. Over the past week I cannot bend down to put my shoes on, I am very uncomfortable and finding it difficult to get out of bed - I haven't put on any/much weight though anywhere and all my size ten clothes still fit. I'm just getting a bit concerned that perhaps I am measuring quite a bit over, I feel more like 38 weeks than 28 weeks!! My best friend reckons I look ready to give birth hmm

My midwife appointment isn't for over a week, How do I measure myself? Is it completely inaccurate if i try? is there any point?

TreesDogsBooks Tue 29-Jul-14 10:20:59

I'm not sure but just wanted to sympathise! I'm in the same boat- could have written your post. I'm convinced I will be measuring at least 4 weeks ahead when I see mw next week.

squizita Tue 29-Jul-14 11:32:33

It's quite tricky I think (I am always surprised how low and tricky the pubic bone is for various MW and Gynies to find, and factors like the lie of the baby affect it). Plus it's hard to measure round a big bump! I wouldn't worry though: bumps aren't all uterus - people carry wide/forward/high/low and all have the same size baby!
If you measure yourself you might worry yourself, try it but maybe ring your MW and relay the conversation first and see what she suggests?

ksrwr Tue 29-Jul-14 12:47:48

i'm also in the same boat, i get asked how many days i've got left - i've got over 8 weeks left. i get asked if i have a whole rugby team in there. i get told stories by everyone of 10pound plus babies, i get told the baby is going to be huge, over and over, and its driving me f-ing mental!
i am measuring a few cm too big, but now i've got to the point where i'm going to (try!) and demand a growth scan to actually have a look at this baby.

the photos i have of me pre-birth of my daughter - so over 40 weeks, i look the same now, at coming up for 32 weeks.

personally i wouldn't bother measuring yourself, maybe you could go to a day assessment unit at your local maternity ward? or wait till your midwife appt next week, or call her and see if you can bring it forward a bit...
weird you haven't seen her in 3 months, i see mine every 3 weeks or so.. even though this is also my second child.

Petal26 Tue 29-Jul-14 13:23:51

Similar concerns but opposite in a way!
I am 25 weeks with number 2, so haven't seen midwife for 9 weeks and have another 3 to go. It is such a long time, I don't understand what difference it makes whether it's your first or fifth, we still need monitoring don't we?
I'm worried that I'm measuring a bit small, only slightly, but it would be nice to get it checked...

LightUpLightUp Tue 29-Jul-14 14:19:15

It is a very long time to wait petal26
That's surprising ksrwr I've had miscarriages and they have still only seen me at 16 weeks.
I feel the same as you, I didn't feel like this until I was due with my first.

Yes squizita I may ring my midwife ahead of the appointment or try and get it moved forward as someone else suggested.

I feel for anyone feeling the same I look at the next 11 weeks wondering how I'm going to possibly get any bigger without popping!!

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