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Cycling during pregnancy

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twiglet2 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:50:28

I'm 23+3 and currently still cycling to work. It's mostly off road on cycle lanes, takes about 7 mins and means I can pop home quickly at lunchtime to walk the dog. At my 16 week appointment my midwife said it was fine to carry on as long as I feel comfortable. Just wondered if other people have been cycling through their pregnancy, and what point the hung up their cycling helmet? I'm thinking I'll stop when I get to the third trimester...

Taura Mon 28-Jul-14 22:47:33

I was cycling until about 17 weeks but have stopped because of hip pain / sciatica and I was afraid my leg would buckle when I put it down on the ground. I'm really missing it though. sad

A friend of mine cycled until 39w apparently, and tells of a friend of hers who cycled in to hospital in labour...

Bellyrub1980 Tue 29-Jul-14 04:06:11

If be nervous about falling or getting knocked off. But I was knocked off my bike and thrown into a ditch a few years ago (the car didn't stop) and it completely wrecked my confidence. There's no way I'd take the risk now with a bump and the way people drive around here.

Bellyrub1980 Tue 29-Jul-14 04:06:29

Id not if!

Churchillian Tue 29-Jul-14 04:18:08

I'm still cycling (albeit more slowly) at 31 weeks. It doesn't feel uncomfortable yet, but I am taking it easy.

OneLittleToddleTerror Tue 29-Jul-14 05:13:12

I did until I went on maternity at 37 weeks with my DD. It was similar to your ride. Mostly off road on cycle path. The bit that wasn't I went on the pavement but there aren't any pedestrians around here. It was a 15min. I didn't at any time think I would fall over since there wasn't any traffic to avoid.

mssleepyhead Tue 29-Jul-14 08:05:58

I thought I'd stop at the third trimester but in the end kept cycling to work until I finished at 35 weeks. Like you, I felt my commute was reasonably safe. I adjusted it slightly to make it as safe as it could be (meant riding on the path a couple of times, but that was ok!) and I slowed down A LOT, but it remained the most comfortable and convenient way to get around until the end. Prepare for comments (someone at work said something every single day I arrived on my bike!) and brush them off with "yeah, it's great that I'm still cycling isn't it? My midwife is so supportive of me staying fit and healthy" and you'll be fine!

Northernlurker Tue 29-Jul-14 08:10:31

I was still cycling at 39 weeks. You clearly have a slow, safe and stress free commute so keep going - no reason to stop. Cycling was more comfortable than walking for me - pelvis was supported. Worst case scenario is you fall off - and bump is well protected for that just like if you trip over your feet at home. I would keep going OP.

ohthegoats Tue 29-Jul-14 09:18:20

31 weeks and still cycling. It's more comfortable than walking.

PresidentSpreadable Tue 29-Jul-14 09:23:33

I stopped almost immediately because I had a 9 mile cycle to work straight through central London and I was just too tired to trust that I could get myself out of a tight spot if needed. I'm really sad about it though and miss it dreadfully. Trying to keep up a bit of local pootling, but not really succeeding.

If I had a nice gentle mainly off road route I'd just carry on until I really couldn't any more.

5madthings Tue 29-Jul-14 09:24:23

I carried on cycling throughout my pregnancies and with later pregnancies ie preg no 3 that meant pulling a trailer with ds1 and ds2 in it.

I was fine and midwife said it was fine to continue as long as I felt comfortable.

Just see how you feel, take it easy and listen to your body.

MrsPixieMoo Tue 29-Jul-14 09:29:43

It was my friend who cycled into hospital in labour. She didn't cycle home again but was back on her bike very soon.

twiglet2 Tue 29-Jul-14 09:57:42

Wow, cycling to the hospital in labour is impressive!

Thanks for the advice and support ladies, I used to cycle on a busy crazy road, and switched to the more off road route pretty much as soon as I got my BFP, and I'm pretty happy with the route I use now and my body isn't complaining at the moment. I'm going to stick at it as long as I can smile

neddle Tue 29-Jul-14 11:09:44

I cycled every day during my last pregnancy - I used it as transport for the school run. I was pulling ds2 in a trailer until 37 weeks, then cycling with him alongside me until the morning I had ds3 (at 42 weeks!).

MarchEliza Tue 29-Jul-14 11:13:15

I am only 10 weeks and have not been cycling due to nausea and exhaustion however in the last few days have been feeling so much better that I think I will get back on the bike again this week.

I am a menace on a bike (totally hopeless) so tend to stick to back roads and cycle paths anyway and I certainly won't be venturing onto the main roads while I'm pregnant. However I do think I will cycle until I feel uncomfortable doing so.

DinoSnores Tue 29-Jul-14 11:15:26

I lost my confidence with cycling during pregnancy after an (very minor) accident, but I've got friends who have kept cycling until they delivered!

cazzybabs Tue 29-Jul-14 11:17:35

I cycled until I went into labour

IAteSomeofthePies Tue 29-Jul-14 11:21:06

I'm still cycling to work every day at 35 weeks. It's more comfortable than walking for me, too. As pp have said, prepare yourself for comments. My midwife told me recently that, in addition to keeping you fit, your position when cycling can help the baby to be in the right position!

alardi Tue 29-Jul-14 11:36:26

Like another, until the day I went into labour.

JennyBlueWren Tue 29-Jul-14 13:47:30

I'm only 10 weeks but find I tire quicker with anaemia so been having more breaks. After summer holds I'm planning to take the train and cycle the rest of the way to work rather than take the bus as I've been getting bad sickness and had to get off the bus for a while.
Hopefully I'll still be cycling for a while.

neolara Tue 29-Jul-14 13:51:58

With dc1 I cycled up until the day before the birth but she was a summer born. With dc2 I stopped around 20 weeks but he was a winter birthday and cycling in the dark, rain and ice made me feel very vulnerable. With dc3, I think I was always encumbered with small children, didn't cycle very much at all. Normally I cycle every day.

BlueChampagne Tue 29-Jul-14 16:58:29

Cycled till about 38 weeks (17 mile round trip) with DS1 (summer born) and till about 34/35 weeks with DS2 (with DS1 on the back) - when the clocks changed (about a third of the route is unlit)

Actually last cycle ride with DS1 was exactly a week before he was born but only a mile or so.

bealos Tue 29-Jul-14 19:08:48

I cycled 'til 39 weeks (had the baby at 39+6). I live in London and I'm a confident cyclist.

I had a bit of SPD (pain in the pelvic bone) and cycling was actually more comfortable than walking as it supported my weight.

My dp adjusted my bike to accommodate my new enormous stomach that hit my knees riding position.

bealos Tue 29-Jul-14 19:09:40

And this was in winter... I didn't cycle when it was icy or snowy obvs. Got the bus then.

Think the exercise did me loads of good, actually.

Swannykazoo Tue 29-Jul-14 19:25:19

Sorry I don't have the link but saw an amazing photo blog about a Danish lady cycling to hospital IN labour (In Denmark)

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