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Nifty test re draw

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Coral12 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:22:33

Hello, I have been told that I need to have another Nifty blood test as the first sample sent off was insufficient to measure. Has anybody else had this? The only posts (2) I can see on re tests have both resulted in positive for downs and I was wondering what people experiences of this were. Thanks

ZylaB Mon 28-Jul-14 21:28:07

Hi. I haven't had my NIFTY test yet, but we booked it today and they said the redraw success rate was better than that with harmony, ie you're more likely to get a sample they can work with on a redraw than they would if it was the harmony test. I know that doesn't help your answer, but maybe one positive? It could just be they didn't get enough foetal DNA to work with first time.

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