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stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:14:29

I'm 37 weeks with DC2. I have struggled with a bulging lumbar disc in this pg since approx 24 weeks. In the last 2 weeks the pain has disappeared and I was able to get around without crutches and needed no painkillers.

Last night I had a coughing fit for approx 20 mins. Upon waking this morning, I have been in agony but it's not my back. I have an intense searing pain at the front of my pelvis. Agony. Just agony. I struggled to get out of bed and up off the toilet. I have used the crutches today, put on a support belt and taken 8/500mg co-codamol.

Spoke to midwife this evening after crying for an hour. She advised the painkillers, birth ball work and seeing GP first thing tomorrow for 30/500mg co-codamol.

I feel like I'm not coping today. This pain, the heat, heartburn and the fucking head cold I've now had for 5 bloody weeks.

Any ideas what this pain is? How to relieve it? Any help or advice (or handholding grin) very welcome.

Pico2 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:29:38

Could you get a physio appointment?

stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:34:36

Yes. I can phone my NHS physio at the hospital tomorrow too. I'm not sure how quickly I'll be seen though. I will do that. It's a good idea.

stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:58:10

I'm tired but scared to go to bed in case I get stuck again.

Pico2 Mon 28-Jul-14 22:22:18

If you can afford it, perhaps you could see a physio privately if the NHS isn't able to see you quickly

I did something to my back when pregnant with DD. My GP gave me painkillers and referred me to an NHS physio - 3 weeks later. I couldn't get out of bed without help. I saw an osteopath privately the next day and was pretty much back to normal the following day. I would have been in agony for weeks if I had waited for my NHS appointment.

I've also found that NHS physios are less likely to do "hands-on" work and that was what I needed.

DitzyDonkey Mon 28-Jul-14 22:25:14

Could the pain be spd?

milkjetmum Mon 28-Jul-14 22:30:20

Sounds like spd. Sleep with your knees tied loosely together with a scarf. Then make all efforts to keeps knees together when awake eg stand up from sitting two feet together, sit down to put on socks, avoid standing or leaning on one leg at any time as much as possible. This will keep your pelvis stable and should prevent the pain from flaring or at least stop it getting worse.

Good news if it is spd is that birth usually cures it. Bad news is it hurts like a bugger until then.

stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 22:33:07

Thank you.

The problem I am having in bed is getting my hips from horizontal to vertical. My knees are together but the pain after 45 degrees is just excruciating.

I'm considering sleeping in a chair tonight.

milkjetmum Mon 28-Jul-14 22:46:50

You may have to move in ways you don't expect -I had spd with both pregnancies and found unique ways to avoid pain. For getting out of bed try lying on your side close to the edge, let you feet edge just over the side, then move like a see-saw. Hard to describe but as your feet go down towards the floor move shoulders off bed by pushing up with your arms. As if you are an unbendable plank. Basically keep that pelvis still. Hope that makes some sense.

You have my full sympathies. Honestly I can remember that first spd burn (I was trying to shift up the bed to sit up against the pillows, and used one heel to push off...) With total agonising clarity. A stronger memory than the pain of contractions!

Get your significant other to bring you chocolate immediately.

stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 22:57:40

I've put the Tubi grip the hospital gave on. Crutches, painkillers and water by bed.

Oh god. I know this going to hurt.

Thank you all.

stargirl1701 Mon 28-Jul-14 23:21:49

Not lying down grin Sitting up in bed with lots of pillows to sleep.

Checked my peak flow too - way down. That might explain the 5 week long cold. Definitely GP in the morning.

stargirl1701 Tue 29-Jul-14 11:58:19

Left a message on the physio answering service. GP prescribed steroid tablets for the asthma flare up and 30/500mg co-codamol.

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