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are doctors receptionist trained to be rude

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natharley11 Mon 28-Jul-14 08:39:50

I wonder if they are told to be like this. I rang for an appt on advice of midwife. To be told by rude receptionist that I don't need an app . Eventually put a call back for a doc when insisted that being 14 weeks and suffering hyperemisis and no food staying down and severe headaches

Ok finished ranting now x

natharley11 Mon 28-Jul-14 11:33:37

And I completely appreciate that some people are awfulto rereceptionist I was not I was dismissed and made to feel like I was causing her drama and as it turns out I did need a doctor as prescribed anti biotics.
However I would the doctor was lovely and very understanding

squizita Mon 28-Jul-14 11:56:11

Our surgery has a system where they just take your details and a nurse/1st aid trained person/Dr (depending on severity) rings you back.

Used to hate it as so much hassle, now find it very useful as it means the receptionists have time to deal with people on the desk and appointments are given with logic re their urgency.

SassehMonsta Mon 28-Jul-14 12:18:40

we have that too squitz, shame the system broke today!! They lost my phonecalls, and no-one seemed to care. >_<

mrsnlw Mon 28-Jul-14 16:02:48

We have one particular receptionist who I have clashed with on several occasions. I asked could I have an appointment to be told there were none left. Okay, fine, could she book me one the following day - I was asked was it an emergency. I explained I have a pre-existing medical condition and suspected I had some kind of infection in my mouth/throat and as such would need to be seen asap to get antibiotics. She proceeded to ask me what the problem was - I explained my throat was sore and swollen, my face had swollen and my gum at the back was sore too. She insisted it was a dental issue and said I couldnt see my GP. Cue my insistence that I see a GP and her refusal to make an appointment insisting I needed to see a dentist and that my GP wouldnt 1. see me and 2. wouldnt prescribe me any medication as it was dental. Long story short, I got my appointment, saw my GP, had a saliva gland infection, was prescribed high dose antibiotics and could happily have rammed the prescription up her arse as I left. I have also clashed with this receptionist when she gave me blood results over the phone and said initially Oh yes they were fine then said oh no, hang on a minute, the Dr wants to see you about them. I asked why and was promptly told I don't know. I said well is it to do with my results - Cue the line of "I'm only a receptionist, I'm not medically trained" Fine - but dont tell me my results are fine then say oh no sorry theyre not lol.

The others at my surgery are lovely and have reguarly helped me out with appointments whilst pregnant/prescriptions for gaviscon when I've run out. Just this one hag who I think works mornings so I just avoid calling in the morning

JennyBlueWren Mon 28-Jul-14 21:11:25

Why did they tell you you didn't need the appointment? Whenever I've phoned I've just said an appointment or an urgent appointment. Never been asked why.

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