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Two hours of sleep a night for the past week..

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Hanabana82 Mon 28-Jul-14 06:16:34


I feel like I am going insane - I am 37 weeks and for the past week the longest sleep I have managed is 40mins. I am averaging about two hours a day.

I worry this is due to anxiety - keep waking up with a racing heartbeat and gasping for air. Worrying it is some sort on anxiety. I have seen my doctor for hay fever medication bit scared I am becoming a not of a pain.

Does anybody have any advice/experience of this?


jessplussomeonenew Mon 28-Jul-14 08:28:55

I'd get it medically checked out just in case - a quick call to your midwife? In late pregnancy I'm sure they'd be happy to check that all is well. Are you feeling anxious a lot?

squizita Mon 28-Jul-14 12:18:41

Yeah speak to your MW. Could be something as simple as getting too hot and your lungs being a bu cramped. She may be able to suggest a position where you can sleep better - but on the other hand if it is something needing treatment she'll organise that too.

Hanabana82 Mon 28-Jul-14 12:24:46

Thank you! Caught up with my GP this morning - been recommended olbas oil and to 'soldier on'.

Just hoping baby is going to come sooner rather than later now.

ReluctantCamper Mon 28-Jul-14 12:35:51

I get this a bit, but not to the extent you describe (I'm 34 weeks). I think for me it's caused by me rolling onto my back in my sleep and the baby crushing my lungs (or something else important!).

Have you got specialist pillows? You probably feel it's a bit late to lash out on the really expensive ones. I've got a john lewis v shaped pillow which helps loads, but it's £25. There's a version for a tenner at Argos, but don't know what it's like:

I sleep with it between my knees iyswim.

Last pregnancy, by the end, the only solution I could find was sleeping sitting up, again v shaped pillow useful for propping me up for that.

Good luck, and I feel your pain!

notkatemiddleton Mon 28-Jul-14 20:50:36

Oh you poor thing, you have my sympathies!

squizita Mon 28-Jul-14 21:01:05

V shape pillows are £9.99 in Dunelm Mill if that helps? I found one enormously comfy recently and they remain useful for nursing and then watching TV in bed if my DM who has kept hers from the early 80s is anything to go by.

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