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Finishing work at 39 week.. Is it do-able?

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Firstpregnancy2014 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:07:56

I left a job 4 week ago, I was contracting but it came to an end
Luckily I have been offered a contracting job elsewhere and I start tomorrow. They asked me when id be willing to work upto... And I've said 39 weeks. I'm due the following Friday so will finish the week before.
Am I being ambitious ?
I have felt ok so far, first baby, my morning sickness is gone and yes I'm tired but I don't think I'd feel any better at home. It's just office work and it's a 15 minute drive from my house. I need to work as late as possible because I'm not entitled to much maternity wise.
Did anyone else feel like this at 24 weeks and then decide it was too much?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sun 27-Jul-14 18:09:15

I finished at 38 weeks with dc1, and was happy to go but physically could have managed another week. If I had to id do it again, but it was nice to have a fortnight off rather than a week.

BeanyIsPregnant Sun 27-Jul-14 18:09:42

I worked until 40 weeks with my first, in a high pressure catering environment, and am a SAHM this time, so I suppose I'm working until 40 weeks again!
We were super tight on money, so I didn't really have much choice, but realistically finishing at 37-38 weeks would have been better..

puckingfixies Sun 27-Jul-14 18:12:46

I had planned to work until 38 weeks, first child, office job - waters broke in the office at 35+5! Best of luck.

startwig1982 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:22:12

I've just finished at 38 weeks and it was a bit of a struggle because of the heat. I finished at 38 with dc1 as well. 39 weeks would probably be ok but you may want to have some flexibility.

BakingBunty Sun 27-Jul-14 18:22:33

I think the time of year is also a factor. I'm coming up for 38 weeks and whilst I'm fine physically, I'm SO glad that I'm not commuting in this weather. If you're 24 weeks now, it will definitely be cooler (lucky you!).

Tuesday1 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:24:01

Hi i have planned to finish at 37 weeks, initially I was planning to work up until 39 weeks but as the weeks progress I think the sooner the better!! My feet have been enormous this week with the heat, how does everyone else feel? ( currently 28 weeks)

Alita7 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:34:28

Aim for 39 weeks, if you can't go on for any reason I'm pretty sure you can bring it forward? You'd have to if you had a problem or went into labour.

SaltySeaBird Sun 27-Jul-14 18:36:43

I worked pretty much to 39 weeks and it was fine. I'm diabetic so was induced early; I finished work on the Friday and went in for my induction at 39+1 on the Monday.

museumum Sun 27-Jul-14 18:38:37

I worked to 38wks and had ds at 39+2!!

I think it depends what would happen if you went into labour. From about 36 weeks I was quite worried that one morning I'd have to phone my clients to tell them I was in labour or had had my baby and then try to do a hand-over with a days old baby. But that's because I'm self employed. I guess if you're an employee then you just call in "sick" and that's that.

Tonicandgin Sun 27-Jul-14 18:39:14

I finished at 37.5 and I was ready to stop. Had a high pressured job, it was horribly hot and I had to do a certain level of travelling. Baby didn't arrive till 41wks but I'd do the same again.

MrsPatMustard Sun 27-Jul-14 18:40:28

By 39 weeks you might be a mother! I finished at 36 weeks and found the last fortnight really tough, was having lots of Braxton Hicks and struggled to walk. DS arrived 2 weeks later...

Tonicandgin Sun 27-Jul-14 18:40:32

Sorry to answer your qn, it's doable as I know people who have but I'd be prepared that you might not be able to.

LJHH Sun 27-Jul-14 18:43:00

I've just finished dead on 36 weeks, I couldn't take it anymore, commute was killing me and giving me swollen elephant feet.
Looking forward to a couple of weeks rest before baby arrives smile

Rumandcokeplease Sun 27-Jul-14 18:43:46

I do finished at 40+6 with my first!! It is doable! My dd was born 4 days later! Have you worked for 26 weeks out of the 60 weeks before Your due date? If so you will be entitled to maternity allowance rather than maternity pay.

Solasum Sun 27-Jul-14 18:46:43

I had DS at 38 weeks. And 2 days off beforehand. I still felt fine working though.

Firstpregnancy2014 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:54:30

Yes I think the only thing that worrys me is going into labour early! It isn't a high pressured role and it's near my local hospital and my partner works 0.5 miles away which is great.
I think it'll be abit harder to get things ready and get organised but right now financial reasons are egging me on to do this!
I'm shocked at the amount of people that went early- ALOT of people have told me I'll go over cause it's my first .. Is this a myth?!
I have worked throughout my pregnancy apart from the last 4 weeks and now I will be with a new employer so I really need to work out what I'm actually entitled to.

MummytoMog Sun 27-Jul-14 18:57:28

I did it in both my previous pregnancies and had DCs at 40+1. Didn't feel like a struggle.

thebestnameshavegone Sun 27-Jul-14 19:00:47

I run my own business and I finished at 37 weeks. I am now 39 weeks but I pop in most days. I was there this morning sorting out big piles of cardboard and mopping floors! But I wouldn't be doing that if it wasn't my own business, even though physically I feel ok. I guess all you can do is aim for 39 weeks and go early if you need to.

ommmward Sun 27-Jul-14 19:01:13

Worked to the due date first time (had DC1 the next evening)

Intended to work to the due date second time, but had DC2 at 38 weeks ish (waters broke splendidly dramatically in the toilet at work)

I have a pretty sedentary job, with an easy commute, and it was great to have something to focus on rather than over interpreting every BH contraction.

EllaJayne123 Sun 27-Jul-14 19:02:06

I'm 38 weeks and my last day is Friday - very demanding customer facing job as well that involves allot of running around, it's hard especially in the heat but couldn't afford not too.. I got too around 35 weeks and thought this is enough- if I could go back I'd definitely have stopped earlier!

callamia Sun 27-Jul-14 19:05:22

I finished at 39+5, and then went 11 days over. I ended up working some of those days at home as distraction.

petitverdot Sun 27-Jul-14 19:43:34

I felt fabulous at 24 weeks. Now 31 and would finish tomorrow if I could! Could be down to weather though smile

MysteriousCircusZebra Sun 27-Jul-14 19:45:50

I worked up to the day before the birth with my first. So it is possible, but down to luck also.

CarmineRose1978 Sun 27-Jul-14 19:48:37

I'm finishing at about 36.5 weeks. My official mat leave starts the day before I'm due, but I'm using up some of my holiday before that. To be honest, I'd go off now if I could, and I'm only 22 weeks! I've had enough.

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