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MNPinto2014 Mon 28-Jul-14 02:22:34

With the airwrap mesh you can weave it to shorten it a bit.

BumpNGrind Mon 28-Jul-14 00:55:25

I have a cot bumper on the crib and thinking of buying the bumpsters cot bar pads for when our dc goes into the cot bed or can start to roll over.

MrsRV Sun 27-Jul-14 07:39:49

tedglen that's just what I wanted to know!! Thanks ever so much. Have put DD in the crib with no sides & her little hands and arms are already sticking through the bars so not particularly happy about that!

TedGlen Sat 26-Jul-14 23:10:54

I used air wrap on a swinging crib, as both dd's used to get their arms stuck between the bars, and they seemed to sleep better a bit more closed in. I have the air wrap that comes in two long pieces intended for the long sides of a cot. The Velcro strips on them extend a long way along the air wrap so there's just a longer folded back section than you'd have on a cot. Hope that makes sense.

dottytablecloth Sat 26-Jul-14 22:55:16

Jojo maman bebe sell the mesh bumpers. The whole point of them is that even if the baby happens to move up against it he or she can still breathe.

Without it we ground the baby's arms or legs would get caught outside the cot.

hartmel Sat 26-Jul-14 22:52:54

I only put my bumpers up in the cot when DS was 9 month old. As he was sticking his foot out or turning in his sleep and hitting the wall grin

You don't really need one until they are in the cot bed

ilovepowerhoop Sat 26-Jul-14 22:28:42

never used bumpers on a crib or cot

lucidlady Sat 26-Jul-14 22:28:24

I had mesh bumper on the cot but not on the crib, I don't think you need them for a crib.

Rockchick1984 Sat 26-Jul-14 22:26:51

You don't need a bumper on a crib.

MrsRV Sat 26-Jul-14 22:04:48

has anyone managed to buy one of those mesh breathable cot bumpers for a swinging crib (solid ends)??? can only seem to find them to fit a cot/cotbed???

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