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Any MWs or medical people around to answer a couple of whooping cough vaccine questions?

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TheOnlySeven Fri 25-Jul-14 21:29:23

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with DC4 and suddenly realised that my MW hasn't mentioned the whooping cough vaccine to me. I had it with DD2 (14 months) so would I need to have it again to protect this baby? My other 3 have all been born between 35-36 weeks so the normal rule of having the vaccine before 38 weeks doesn't apply. I'm not seeing the MW again until 34 weeks, and also have an appointment on the same day with the nurse for steroid injections on my consultants orders, which I guess would be a convenient time to have the vaccine but would it be too late to develop enough antibodies before the birth? Tbh knowing what my surgery is like if I phone on Monday I likely won't be able to get an appointment with the nurse before 34 weeks anyway

FTMK Fri 25-Jul-14 21:36:05

Was a thread on the vaccine earlier but from my research you need 2 weeks for antibodies to peak which is why they say 38 week limit. Prob worth ringing the midwife to ask her - they might need to order the vaccine for yr appt.

Mmolly2013 Tue 29-Jul-14 13:06:59

I just booked myself in to get mine at 33 weeks with a nurse, not a specific midwife or doctor as it can be given by a generic nurse at your local doctors. I got it at 33 weeks, she advised it would take 3 weeks to build in my system so I'm in the all clear now as I'm 36 weeks. give your local doctor a call and get booked in.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Tue 29-Jul-14 13:38:51

I just got mine done by the practice nurse at the GP surgery, it doesn't have to be the mw. I was 36 weeks.

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