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Confused and extremely worried!

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CeNedra Thu 24-Jul-14 10:00:35

Hello lovely ladies,
It's my first post on Mumsnet - so not much of jargon. I'll learn...eventually wink

We have been trying for a baby for some time now.
I had my last period on 4th June - and nothing since then.
(Btw, I had taken clomid last month and Conceptioncare tabs are continuing.)

I did 2 HPTs (Clearblue and Superdrugs own brand) after missing my period - they came back negative.
GP did one at the surgery when period was overdue for 2 weeks (i.e. last week) - that came back -ve too. She asked me to get a BT done ASAP.
I did that on 15th and results are back. I had a call with GP (not my regular GP) yesterday.
Her analysis is my hormone levels are v high - and it could indicate early menopause. shock Obviously I burst into tears right after the call.

So DH had a chat with GP and explained her all the symptoms I have:
1. Tired but not always
2. Intermittent Nausea - but not enough to be actually sick
3. Visiting loo almost every 1.5 hrs
4. Thirsty all the time - I am drinking almost 2.5 ltr of water a day
5. White / creamy discharge - don't know what consistency it should be tho sad
6. Mood is far better and I am more relaxed
7. Skin looks improved

Now GP says, high hormone levels could be due to pregnancy or menopause!?!
I am going for another BT in the first week of Aug now.

I am really confused and worried - and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

MrsCK Thu 24-Jul-14 10:29:02

How confusing for you!! I'm so sorry I don't have any practical advice other than to try and relax a bit....what will be will be. If you are pg you'll find out at some point...hopefully with a BT! you could do a hpt with first morning urine (fmu) until then if it puts your mind at rest but if it's a bfn every time would you get upset? fingers crossed that everything will work out how you hope x

CeNedra Thu 24-Jul-14 10:40:53

Thanks MrsCK. I am trying to keep calm and positive; hope it will be a good news after BT.

HenriettaMouse Thu 24-Jul-14 10:46:23

I'm sorry you're having to go through this uncertainty - it's scary and not at all nice. I don't have any medical expertise, but I hope my own story might offer you a bit of comfort:

I have had two miscarriages and after my second at Easter last year, my periods seemed to go back to normal. My husband and I were still trying to conceive, so I didn't go back on the pill or anything like that. Then my periods stopped, but I had several negative pregnancy tests. The following month still no period and more negative tests. I went to the doctor and had blood tests galore, but they found nothing. A month later, the doctor said to me 'You know you can still get pregnant without a period.' Perhaps I was dumb, but I hadn't thought of that at all. I went home and did a pregnancy test that night, it was positive and I'm now 39+1 weeks and awaiting the arrival of our first child. I wanted to tell you this so you know that skipping some periods might not mean anything serious is wrong - it may not mean that you aren't going to conceive. I really hope that is the case for you!

Remember, though they know more than us, GPs and medical experts don't always know everything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

CeNedra Thu 24-Jul-14 11:12:01

My goodness, HenriettaMouse; I can relate to what you might have been through.

I guess, I was upset at the fact that GP simply jumped to the conclusion without checking the symptoms - and the way she delivered her analysis; it was horrible.

It will be 8 weeks next week - I'll try and gather some courage to do an HPT soon(ish).

Hope your lil bundle of joy arrives soon smile

HenriettaMouse Thu 24-Jul-14 11:41:49

Thanks CeNedra, I hope it all goes well for you! The body can be a bit of a mystery... and if you're stressing out over this (which I guess you would be!) that can obviously affect your periods too. I'm sure your GP will get to the root of the problem, but hopefully you'll have your BFP soon.

GailLondon Thu 24-Jul-14 14:02:58

When you say high hormone levels, which hormone exactly was it that they were testing?

squizita Thu 24-Jul-14 14:28:02

Under these circumstances I would firmly ask to be scanned at your EPU.

Were the bloods for HCG and Progesterone? I'm not sure they'd be testing for anything else?

I don't think early menopause or pregnancy are the only 2 options here: please do push to see your EPU for a scan.
There are rare conditions such as molars and ectopics which give odd blood/HPT results and these need to be treated swiftly.

CeNedra Thu 24-Jul-14 16:15:03

GailLondon, squizita - The test was for LH, FSH and HCG for sure. I can't recall if it had Progesterone as well.

I am going to meet up with my regular GP on Monday; once she is back from hols - and will ask for a scan. Thanks for advice though - this support means a lot to me!

CeNedra Mon 28-Jul-14 11:52:13

Right, had a chat with my usual GP.
She says female hormone levels are high.!?!

She has asked me to do the blood test again
And another one for preg hormone.

She does not want me to go for a scan until we have results from these blood tests. sad

It will be 8 weeks early next week since my last period.
Not sure how long I can live in this situation sad

MrsCK Mon 28-Jul-14 12:03:59

sending big hugs. have you done a hpt recently?

CeNedra Mon 28-Jul-14 12:08:07

No, MrsCK - I dont think I can go through HPT stress!
Just too scared ;(

Chattycat78 Mon 28-Jul-14 18:09:22

Hello, I would try to find out exactly what blood results you got for the tests if I were you. Eg FSH is meant to be under 10, but you can only have it tested from day 1-5 of cycle. Any other day makes it invalid. A lot of GPs don't know much about these tests so they could be scaring you for nothing.

Chattycat78 Mon 28-Jul-14 18:12:27

Sorry I forgot to ask- how old are you original poster? Hope u don't mind the question, but the younger, the more unlikely to be early menopause. I know a fair bit about this because my fsh tests were high ish last year indicating fertility problems.

CeNedra Tue 29-Jul-14 09:27:12

I am 35, ChattyCat78.
My test was done 6 weeks after last period - so not sure what GP was trying to find sad

Are your FSH levels lower now? Sending loads of positive energy for you!

Chattycat78 Tue 29-Jul-14 18:03:45


Fsh levels are not meant to be able to go down- when they are high they are high. A high fsh indicates a low ovarian reserve- ie not many eggs left. When the levels hit a certain point, it indicates menopause. Saying that, a lot of people do acupuncture, take vitamins etc to try to get their fsh levels down, but fsh fluctuates from month to month. I have no clue what my fsh is now, but I expect it'd higher then it was last year when I found out. We were told we needed IVF due to my low ovarian reserve- a shock at 34. We got on With it fast and by some miracle it worked first time. I'm now 15.5 weeks pregnant.

I would def find out what your results are if you can. If there is an issue you need to know soon so you can act fast. Of course, it could be something else- eg pregnancy! I would do another test!

CeNedra Tue 19-Aug-14 13:29:49

Just a update for you gals.

AF turned up in Aug on schedule sad
But I had the gyaenac visit and few more blood tests over last couple of weeks.
And great news is my FSH levels have dropped a lot - more than 50% actually.

So the blood test with 6 weeks after LMP had FSH at 30.x (no wonder my GP freaked out).
The test I did a day before AF was 15.7 and on 3rd day it was 14.7.
Its not in the ideal range but GP is happy to just see those dropping. Oh and apparently FSH, LH ratio is now acceptable - I have no idea what it means.

Gyeanac has asked for a few more blood tests and scans which I hopefully should be able to get done next month. I'll keep you all posted on progress anyways.

Disappointed that I am not pregnant but looking at positive side, there is at least a chance of having a baby.

Btw, any idea if I can get scans done privately and provide those results to NHS?

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