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Gender guesses please!

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MrsCK Wed 23-Jul-14 14:58:42

So unsure of if I can see a nub or not so have included a potty shot too....what do you think? pink or blue?!

MrsCK Wed 23-Jul-14 14:59:05

Forgot to add, I am 13weeks.

MrsCK Wed 23-Jul-14 18:02:16


mrshjb Wed 23-Jul-14 18:41:32

Absolutely no idea but remember you from the due in Feb thread and wanted to congratulate you on your scan smile I had one at 11 weeks and having another tomorrow at 13+1. Are we due date buddies?!

Mumof3xox Wed 23-Jul-14 18:42:25

I say boy

MrsCK Wed 23-Jul-14 20:16:08

mrshb we are smile good luck for yours!!!!

Burmama Thu 24-Jul-14 04:52:41

Did you ask the sonographer if they knew? I just had my 12w scan (now 13w) and I asked at the end if he knew and he said he thinks so and guessed boy! I couldn't see a thing and wouldn't have known where to look but apparently a good sonographer can spot the nub around 12/13w... Worth asking?

MrsCK Thu 24-Jul-14 07:43:51

Nope didn't ask I was too overwhelmed to ask anything really!!!

Burmama Thu 24-Jul-14 08:39:05

So hard to tell, I couldn't even begin to guess! By the way, I'm also 13+1 today EDD Jan 28, I thought I was not quite so far along but they bumped up my dates at the scan! smile Anyway, here's a shot from my scan at 12w+4, sonographer said boy, absolutely no idea how he knew.

MrsCK Thu 24-Jul-14 08:46:05

It's so hard isn't it? my EDD has been pushed back to 29th Jan now...only a day later than my predictions so not too bad!!!

mrshjb Thu 24-Jul-14 08:46:52

Aww lovely pic! I have no idea how they tell so soon either. I'm tempted to ask today now too, but I don't know if I'd want to ask if they get it totally wrong!!

Nice to have a few due date buddies smile

mrshjb Thu 24-Jul-14 08:47:42

Oh I'm a 28th January, not 29th. Ah well close enough!!!

MrsCK Thu 24-Jul-14 09:52:52

I know. get pushed back a day like me! haha

mrshjb Thu 24-Jul-14 11:40:34

Haha well they said 28th at my last scan, I'll have to see if they change their mind now the baby is bigger though. I'll let you know smile

RetroHippy Thu 24-Jul-14 18:02:53

No help at all, but 13+3 today, EDD Jan 23rdish <waves at due date buddies>

mrshjb Thu 24-Jul-14 18:35:16

I'm confused Retro I'm 13+1 and due on 28th January?! How have you lost 5 days with 2 days ahead of me?!!! Big wave though smile

Scan went really well today. Measuring at 13+3 but keeping me at 13+1. Baby was so wriggly! Sonographer asked if I would find out what we were having so the next scan and I said yeah and asked what's the earliest they can tell and she said about 14 weeks!!

RetroHippy Sun 27-Jul-14 09:59:05

Haha, sorry, just realised I'm still going by my dates as I know exactly when we conceived... So I'm 14 weeks tomorrow. At the scan she dated me two days ahead, so by her reckoning I was 14 weeks yesterday... So the due date she gave is two days early, I guess it should be 25th, but I've told everyone 23rd now!! Oops.

So yeah, officially 14+1, due 23rd Jan.

Unofficially 13+6, due 25th Jan.

RetroHippy Sun 27-Jul-14 10:00:46

And really pleased the scan went well!

mrshjb Sun 27-Jul-14 11:00:51

Riiiiight that makes a lot more sense then! I was so confused! Guessing it doesn't matter by a couple of days because they said they'd keep me at my original due date. Plus baby will come when it wants anyways won't it!! Have you got your 20 week scan date?

RetroHippy Sun 27-Jul-14 13:09:50

Yep, booked it on the way out from the last one. 11th Sept. I love having the scan pic! We've told the family now (extended, immediate family already knew) and they're so pleased. Getting a bit of a bump now so starting to feel really pregnant grin

I think she only changed the dates as my original due date was 30th Jan going by lmp (very short cycle), so it would have been a week out.

RetroHippy Sun 27-Jul-14 13:11:03

And yes, my mum was early with me and DB so I'm going to make sure we're all prepped by Christmas! Babies come when they choose!

mrshjb Tue 29-Jul-14 07:50:09

Mines 9th Septmeber. Are you going to find out what you're having? I can't wait to! It is lovely telling people isn't it. I'm getting a bit of a bump now too, always just been massive bloat before that!

How's pregnancy treating you in general?

MrsCK Tue 29-Jul-14 08:41:33

Hi ladies!! my 20 week is the 16th September. ...Boo! It is so so far away! glad your scan went well smile any nub shots? Xxx

RetroHippy Tue 29-Jul-14 09:58:44

We're not finding out, DH is very keen not to, and I'm not too fussed, so it's going to be a surprise!

Had a dead easy pregnancy so far. Some nausea and still very tired, but that could be the heat too, I've always been a sleeper! Now horribly afraid that I'll end up with crippling spd or an horrendous labor to balance things out! Though historically, my mum and grandma have both enjoyed their pregnancies, so hopefully it's genetic grin

I'm getting a bump now too, I can tell it's not just gas as it's still there (a bit) in the mornings. Huge by bedtime though!

RetroHippy Tue 29-Jul-14 10:00:22

Obviously very excited about the bump... Shall I mention it a third time just so you know I'm definitely getting a bump?! grin

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