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who to visit first?

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PerpetualStudent Mon 21-Jul-14 08:05:48

Hi all,

Hoping you can help with a little logistical issue - Im newly upduffed and wanted to know if anyone had thoughts on who it was best to call/see first: GP or midwife?

Reason I ask is that, due to an ongoing renovation of our new flat (what japes!) Im basically living in one (London) borough, registered with a GP in a another borough, where I used to live, which is different again from the one where Im going to live.
I've not yet registered with anything medical in the new borough but have pinned down the most likely maternity unit.

Both the GP & new borough are opposite ends of town from where Im staying now, so want to make sure Im going to the most useful people.

So question is (after much babble!) - in your experience, is it best to have inital pregnancy appointment with your GP, or to self refer to a midwife/maternity unit?

Me23 Mon 21-Jul-14 08:13:14

I would self refer if you can, unless you have any medical issues such as thyroid problems as your medication usually needs to be adjusted early in pregnancy.


ViviPru Mon 21-Jul-14 09:32:04

In my local trust, you don't have a choice, you just see area midwife connected to the hospital, I think this varies widely across the UK....

Heatherbell1978 Mon 21-Jul-14 09:52:12

Where I am, you have to self refer. I phoned the GP surgery and the receptionist gave me the community midwife number to call. If you went to see the GP it would be a waste of time. They might take your BP and give you a leaflet but they'll just give you the midwives details.

headlesslambrini Mon 21-Jul-14 09:53:45

I had to go through my gp for a midwife appt. The gp had to confirm the pregnancy and do initial checks - blood pressure etc. Gp also gave me a prescription for folic acid etc.

This was 12 yrs ago so it might have changed. Ring the midwife unit and ask them. Also book your first dental appt whilst it still free!

Chachah Mon 21-Jul-14 09:55:31

yes, when I went to the GP they looked vaguely confused as to why I was even there.

(even though the NHS website stated clearly you're supposed to go to your GP first! so, not my fault...)

HappyAsASandboy Mon 21-Jul-14 10:13:43

My GP just recorded the pregnancy on my record and booked an appointment with the midwife. There was no reason to see the GP, and if I hadn't been there for another reason I think I'd have asked the reception lady for the midwife number rather than gone in for an appointment.

Could you ring and ask the reception team of the surgery you're registered at?

Pobblewhohasnotoes Mon 21-Jul-14 10:33:15

My GP referred both times.

I've moved and have changed GPs and hospitals, it's easily done if you need to.

ruth1104 Mon 21-Jul-14 10:49:01

I'm in a very similar situation and just went straight to the midwife. I suspect it's much easier than when you have to change GPs and wait ages for them to send your records over, because you'll have them to keep from your first appointment with the midwife so I wouldn't worry too much

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 21-Jul-14 10:55:27

I moved house to a different borough a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I have thyroid problems though, so I was told to go to the GP as soon as I found out I was pregnant, so that's what I did. Although all she did was congratulate me, update my record, and give me some forms to give to the midwife! I had a booking-in appointment at my old doctors, but they advised me to have another one at my new doctors, which I had at 16 weeks. The previous midwives had messed up my bloods and got loads of info wrong, so it's a good job I did hmm anyway, since I'm staying at the same hospital, all my info has been together and I've seen the same community midwives. So you could book in at the GP you're registered with, so that you can get the ball rolling, but tell them which unit/hospital you want to give birth in. It won't be too difficult for the midwives when you move to locate your results/notes if you end up in a different hospital due to location. Just explain about moving etc. Congrats smile

Pobblewhohasnotoes Mon 21-Jul-14 10:59:26

I've also got thyroid problems and got re-referred very quickly by my new GP. Infact I saw the mw about three days later!

It did help that I had all notes and letters with me from my old hospital which my GP photocopied. It's much quicker than them waiting weeks records to come through.

NickyEds Mon 21-Jul-14 11:01:40

I wasn't even registered with a gp when I fell pregnant so had to register then was referred straight to the community mw team without actually seeing the doctor. The mw said that, unless you have a specific medical condition, there isn't really any need to see the gp.

We are almost exactly in between two hospitals but the midwifery team based at my gp were linked to one not the other and that was the hospital I had DS at- might be something to look into??

PerpetualStudent Tue 22-Jul-14 10:46:34

Thank you everyone, really good to know! I've now sen

PerpetualStudent Tue 22-Jul-14 10:48:11

Whoops, damn phone! Was going to say now emailed a self referral form to (what will be) my local maternity unit smile

mrsgembles Tue 22-Jul-14 11:31:09

I moved from Haringey to Waltham Forest at 12 weeks. Switched GPs, hospitals, everything. I had my 12 week scan at one hospital and my 20 week at another! (Plus an extra dating scan at 16 weeks, which was a nice bonus!)

The week I moved I registered with my new GP, had an appointment and they re-referred me to the new hospital, it was remarkably easy!

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