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I just POAS and got my bfp!!! however...

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Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 21-Jul-14 11:06:01

I had mild cramps for about the first 8 weeks; it is freaky at first, but it's just stretching and hormones, and probably a bit of stress too! Unless they're so painful they take your breath away, you're more than likely absolutely fine. Congrats!

Hi lavender thanks! It feels so early! I made an appointment for today so hopefully she will tell me I'm fine
When I was last pregnant g was so naive, g didn't know what was happening to me, we just buried the fact g was pregnant under the table as we were she'll shock. We actively tried for this baby, I want it to be ok

lavender20 Mon 21-Jul-14 07:39:45

Hi! I'm 4 +6 and also had a full day of cramps the day after I found out. On and off with tiredness and thirst since then. Googled it and it seems to be normal. Always best to mention it to doctor. Still feels very early doesn't it and I darent get over excited, I feel like I'm just gong to worry for the next 2 months (and probably after too!)

Oh thank you! I'm going to ring for a doctor appointment tomorrow.we are just sitting here shell shocked! Keep checking for my period!

junkfoodaddict Sun 20-Jul-14 20:43:31

Totally normal! It's linked to hormones. I got it around AF being due and still get it now and even with DS1 I got it right up until I was 8-10 weeks pregnant. Hormones go through a surge pattern. Sometimes I have them, sometimes not.
Also, you may feel warm and stick down below making you on constant knicker watch. Again totally normal. And yes, get off Dr. Google!
Pregnancy is always anxious especially up to the 2st scan date which confirms there really is a baby in there with a healthy heartbeat!

m33r Sun 20-Jul-14 20:39:34

Hi take. I'm 5+2 after trying for 20minths for first and I'm still getting AF like cramps and that 'wet' feeling. On permanent knicker watch so I think it's normal. Good luck. X

Really? I'm googling it and some say it's fine,and others say it's not. I'm freaking myself out,I need to get off the internet.

Thanks so much! You are the first to say that to me!

ImBrian Sun 20-Jul-14 20:29:59

Very normal, I'm pregnant with my 5th and had cramps around when my period was due for a few weeks with all of them. Congratulations on your bfp.

I have felt slightly crampy like v mild period pain since my period was due two weeks ago. Is this normal?

This is my second ds, first is 8 and we have been trying for two years, so fingers crossed!

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