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small baby after 2 average sized ones? anyone?

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Imbimba Sun 20-Jul-14 18:58:04

Currently 24 weeks with DC3. At 20 week scan they said baby was measuring under 10th centile and that there was possible talipes. I was referred to a more specialised unit in a different hospital where they confirmed measurements but found no talipes. I had an amnio which was clear.
Scanned at 23 weeks and baby us now on 2nd centile. Some specific measurements like head circumference and femur length are so small they are off the scale. Booked in for another scan in 2 weeks. Placental function looks normal.

Has anyone had a small baby after 2 average sized ones? First 2 consistently measured on the 50th centile and were around 8lbs at birth.

Should I (or they) be more worried that it has gone from 10th to 2nd centile?

We have just been told to wait and see what happens, with early delivery a possibility.

Tbh we are quite worried. I'd really appreciate any experience of a similar situation whatever the outcome.

ithoughtofitfirst Sun 20-Jul-14 19:12:03

Well my mum had my brother first and he was about 8lb odd full term and 3 years later she had me at 5lb 9oz full term. I'm now 5'5, a size 10 in fine physical health (touch wood) and had a have a degree (a first class honours too don't you know!) never had any problems at school etc etc etc

My mum was diagnosed with a thyroid problem which might have caused my relatively low birth weight.

Hope that helps hun Xxx

bakingtins Sun 20-Jul-14 19:15:44

My DD consistently measured below 10th centile and was born at 38 weeks (spontaneous labour, not induced ) weighing 5lb9oz. She's following the 0.4th centile line (would be about 5th centile for her corrected age) but is fine. Because she was low birthweight (less than 5lb10oz) we had to stay in hospital for a few days for monitoring of blood sugars and jaundice. My previous babies were 6lb8 and 7lb7, so smallish but respectable weights. I have an immune condition that has caused several miscarriages and affects placental formation, and took steroids in early pregnancy to counteract this that are also associated with IUGR. Placental function always looked fine on scans but at birth they commented the placenta was small. Much importance was placed on her growing along the same centile at subsequent scans, so I'd be concerned about a drop from 10th to 2nd, and there being no explanation for the discrepancy with siblings. It sounds like they are monitoring you closely, hope you get more reassuring news in 2 weeks. flowers

Imbimba Sun 20-Jul-14 21:44:40

Thank you both for replying. Fortunately I am in good overall health , so no obvious underlying conditions which could be behind the small baby.
I guess i just have to sit tight and wait for my next scan.It doesn't help that my placenta is on the front wall and so along with a small baby means that i don't feel as much movement as i did with the other 2.

ithoughtofitfirst Sun 20-Jul-14 22:22:25

Good luck with everything hun and try not to worry Xx

Imbimba Mon 21-Jul-14 14:29:25

Bumping because i feel worried...anyone else have experience of this?

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