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The Berry-Copter!!!

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Bunnygirlie Sun 20-Jul-14 15:31:50

The Berry thread - berries (over 30s) pregnant with first baby after trying 12+ months.

Support, advice and hand holding from the grads.

Don't forget to CLENCH!

Bunnygirlie Sun 20-Jul-14 15:33:02

Updated List:-

In the Berry Nursery
Merkin: Delivery date: 21 March, girl
Thunder: Delivery Date: 26 March, girl
Tally: Delivery Date: 7 April, girl
Boom: Delivery date : 11 April, girls x 2!
Katatonic: Delivery date: 24 April, girl
PoppySeedBun: Delivery date: 23rd April, girl
Brodicea: Delivery date: 7th May - girl
Kitty: Delivery date: 20th May - girl,
Puppymummy: Delivery date: 5th June - boy
Foody: Delivery date: 17th June - girl
Qazxc: Delivery date: 17th June - girl
Angel: EDD Delivery date: 4th July - boy

In the chopper
Charming: EDD 8th August -
Dartmoor: EDD 25th August -
Jessplus: EDD 30th August - surprise
Bunny: EDD 3rd Oct - surprise
Sidney: EDD 18th Oct - boy
Yorkie: EDD 8th Nov - boy

Climbing up the chopper ladder

All ready for those EDDs to be confirmed smile

greatbigbushybeard Sun 20-Jul-14 16:22:49

Woo hoo, new chopper, thanks bunny. Thanks rp that's - nice way of thinking about it. I have a card for them, they've had a few people round so might wait til it's quieter to pop it round.We don't know them that well, just a quick chat outside the house etc but you never know. I think I get a bit insecure and I tend to think they're v much keeping up with the joneses people, the woman always trendy, new car, fancy garden furniture etc and I am imagine the house is immaculate whereas we're a bit not as fussy, coordinated, bit untidy etc. I think this probably says more about me than it does them blush but I'm not sure we would be that chummy but who knows and maybe I need to think more positively and not put myself down. Anyone else ever feel like this?

RevoltingPeasant Sun 20-Jul-14 17:41:16

Yeah I'm imagining you'll have to get along with lots of women you otherwise wouldn't if your kids are friends.

I'm remembering randomly my BFF's friend when I was about 9 saying "of course Revolting, as your mother will have taught you, a lady always has her cuticles trimmed" and me looking at her like wtf crazy woman, as my mum has never in her whole life done anything to her cuticles nor aspired to be a lady, and I didn't even know what a cuticle was!

Speaking of which, I have spent this weekend de-frumpifying. Dyed hair on Fri and gave myself a proper home pedicure this afternoon. Not much I can do about the hayfever which is just epic but trying hard to be less unpresentable!

RevoltingPeasant Sun 20-Jul-14 17:41:42

Oh and thanks Bunny smile

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 20-Jul-14 17:50:15

Place marking

jessplussomeonenew Sun 20-Jul-14 19:48:36

<Tries to hop into nice shiny new copter, realises hopping isn't currently possible and finally manages to heave body and bump aboard>

Thanks Bunny!

greatbigbushybeard Sun 20-Jul-14 19:55:18

That's where I've been going wrong the whole time, I need to trim my cuticles!! Lol!! smile ... I wouldn't mind getting a manicure etc. I am thinking I might book one. ( obviously my overgrown cuticles need serious lady-fying!!) As I have 6 weeks of fb I wouldn't mind doing a few pampery things. There's a lovely lady at my chiropractors who does aromatherapy and reflexology so might book that. She's experienced with pg ladies so that puts my mind at ease.

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 20-Jul-14 20:26:15

Bushy are you London?

PuppyMummy Sun 20-Jul-14 20:39:34

hello all! marking place.

quick update, puplet is 6 weeks old and doing very well. got the hang of feeding now and has moved up into the next size clothes!

lovely to c so many berries now in here!

greatbigbushybeard Sun 20-Jul-14 22:40:11

No merkin.

Glad puppet is getting on so well, it's nice to hear you've got the hang of it so well. Gives us all good vibes for the future!

RevoltingPeasant Sun 20-Jul-14 22:56:48

Awwww next size clothes! No longer a newborn technically? Are you sleeping much?

We spent tonight doing The Figures to make sure we really could afford maternity leave and then f/t nursery. It was quite reassuring though there will be a fair amount of belt tightening.

We have figured out that if the 12w scan goes okay - and everything else - I'll go off on mat leave on 19th Jan. That would be 37-8 weeks.

I know it probably seems really presumptuous making plans like that, but it makes me feel in control blush

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 21-Jul-14 07:13:48

RP it's not presumptuous at have to do it!

PuppyMummy Mon 21-Jul-14 08:54:53

RP technically still a newborn cos he was only 6lb 11 so was in 'first size' or 'small baby' now he is in 'newborn' or 'up to one month'!!

yes we sleep quite well. he feeds every 2-3 hrs but only wakes to feed and goes straight back to sleep usually so im finding it quite manageable. he is also starting to get to 4 hours some days!

RevoltingPeasant Mon 21-Jul-14 09:41:03

Win - I am thinking of you today! I am sure it will be good news but xing everything even so!

28 hours until my own 12w scan not that I'm counting or anything

I also booked my 16w check with my GP - apparently double appt as it takes a while - which also feels presumptuous before the 12w scan but she is only p/t and her appts fill up fast. As it's a month in advance today is the first day you can make appts for then, iyswim, so felt it had to be done.

Hope I'm not cancelling it tomorrow.... sad confused

RevoltingPeasant Mon 21-Jul-14 09:41:23

Oh and good for you Puppy, 4 hours is quite civilised!!!

FeatherFeather11 Mon 21-Jul-14 09:46:35

Hoorah! Shiny new thread - thanks bunny

puppy good to hear you're getting sleep. Give me hope!

rp great that you've done the figures. I'm too scared to at the moment in case we realise we'll have to move into a cardboard box on the street and live off stale bread and water. The thing I HAVE worked out is that I have loads of holiday to take and that the company policy is that you have to use it all before mat leave otherwise it's lost forever. So, there is a possibility I may be able to wrap things up earlier that I thought and maybe finish up at work in the first week of Jan, all being ok, of course. Know what you mean about feeling too presumptuous.

win is your scan today or tomorrow? Either way, good luck and thinking of you. Let us know how you get on!

bushy and rp pampering and defrumping sounds lovely. gotta do something about my hooves! I'm by no means high maintenance, but I do like getting my nails done every week. Not managed it for a few weeks and feel like a total mess! You've both inspired me to sort myself out.

Happy Monday all. I'm exhausted! Just wanted to stay in bed today. And brushing my teeth made me gag this morn. hmm

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 21-Jul-14 10:23:23

Puppy sounds like you're doing great. Those newborn clothes seem so long ago for us; mini Merk is 4 months old today and growing out of 3 to 6 months clothes rapidly shock

RevoltingPeasant Mon 21-Jul-14 13:53:56

Brushing my teeth makes me throw up every morning. Just thought I'd share.

Crazy about the annual leave policy - ours lets you continue to accrue AL during mat leave and you put what you have on the end, so I will hopefully be taking 4-5 weeks' worth of leave meaning I can take a full 6 mos of ML rather than just 18 weeks smile

....But should probably do some actual work now confused

winohhh Mon 21-Jul-14 13:57:03

Scan is today feather, although not till later so I won't update till tonight. Finding it hard to concentrate at work!!

Thanks for the new thread bunny!!

Pupplet sounds wonderful puppy!

I know what you mean about worrying about being presumptuous RP, but you need to be practical too. From my own experience of needing to cancel things after miscarriage, it wasn't nice, but in the scheme of how horrible the mmc was, it was fine. It made me bolder about sorting my booking in appointment out sooner this time (although they messed up the referral letter so I didn't get seen till late anyway, but still, the intention was there!!). Not that you'll need to worry about cancelling anyway!!! Everything crossed!

greatbigbushybeard Mon 21-Jul-14 17:18:04

rp you inspired me to look up nurseries and write a to do list. I am still a little scared to do anything more until past 12 weeks and in some ways our bumpy start has made me not overthink things and take it day by day. I've noticed the nurseries don't publish their fees on websites. A friend told me one she uses and recommends is about £35 a day with meals 8-6. That one got a good in their ofsted 6 years ago but as a teacher I don't put too much store by ofsteds. I think recommendations and the feeling you get when you go round is more impt. My friend said she saw some shockers when she looked round for her little boy. There is also another next door to the one my friend uses which has an outstanding recent ofsted and website looks good but, and this will sound stupid, the name of it has always creeped me out!! How far in advance does one sort out Childcare? I'm planning on taking a year off so it won't be for a while! Also hoping that my mum might do one day which should help as I am thinking of going back to work part time.

feather I'm bit worried about doing the sums too but I do have some savings and no regular debts to pay. Dh needs a new car and is thinking of doing one of these hp things paying £300 on a car or more per mth. He has had a pay rise recently but v little savings and tbh I think I need to let him daydream about it a little and then he will come back down to earth and do the more sensible option.

In the vein of pampering I have had a bath, exfoliated, face pack, but a bit of fake tan on pins etc. Nice!

Oooh, waiting for winoh's update.

jessplussomeonenew Mon 21-Jul-14 18:11:08

RP, here are some things I found worth trying to reduce vomiting while tooth brushing; depending on what exactly is triggering the heaves one of these should help!

Switch to a toothbrush with a smaller head to give your gag reflex a break. If electric try swapping to manual and vice versa.

Spit more frequently and use less paste to avoid foam building up in your mouth.

Brush without toothpaste and use mouthwash afterwards. Or just use mouthwash!

Do quicker brushings; stop the moment you feel slight queasiness starting so you don't start to associate brushing with vomiting. If you can brush little and often, great, but don't stress about it.

Hope one of these helps!

FeatherFeather11 Mon 21-Jul-14 19:17:07

<pokes head round the door> no news from win yet, then? Sorry - being impatient!

bushy re sums - we have savings too thank gawd, although now wondering whether we should have spunked half on the wedding seven weeks ago! Ah well, all meant to be...

jess sounds like you got the toothbrush ing technique down to a fine art. May have to stop using my electric if this continues! Poor rp - you've really been through the vommy phase, haven't you. Boo! Not long now and it should hopefully fade!

RevoltingPeasant Mon 21-Jul-14 19:33:37

Jess very helpful! The retching is mostly when I spit out so may be related to volume of toothpaste foam.

Puppy sounds lovely, and cannot believe how big they seem to expect babies to be! I was 5 lbs 12 oz and nearly 2 weeks late, and was not on special care or anything. DSis2 was 6 lbs 2 oz or so and also considered fine.

Bushy we had to clean out our savings <sob> to do major house renovations so it is literally what we can save from now till mat leave. So doing sums was necessary! The cost you cite is exactly the same as the nursery we have our eye on. If tomorrow goes okay I will be putting down a deposit!

Doing the numbers is good as it lets you see where you are, I reckon. I was really relieved last night. Also am going to ask for mat clothes for my birthday later this summer and will probably ask for baby stuff for Xmas so we can then "mop up" whatever we don't have in Boxing Day sales.

if tomorrow goes okay...........


winohhh Mon 21-Jul-14 19:33:40

smile all ok! Low risk, no anomalies detected, heartbeat still strong. 13w2d. I'm still processing it all. It looks like it might be ok?! Thanks for all your thoughts ladies!

When are you guys planning on telling people? When did you more experienced berries tell people? I still feel really nervous about 'coming out' like I'm asking for things to go wrong. (Never happy).

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