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Raspberry leaf tea...did it work for anyone??

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pookie81 Wed 13-Sep-06 09:38:56

Hi there I know there have been quite a few threads on this but I don't think anyone has actually said whether or not it worked for them. I am 38+5 weeks and my friend bought me some, I love the taste so I am drinking it whether it works or not

quokka Wed 13-Sep-06 09:42:20

Are you sure you have the real rasberry leaf tea? The one that is supposed to bring you on does not taste of rasberry at all. I could only drink it with lots of honey. I thought it worked for ds1 but not ds2

PatsyJ Wed 13-Sep-06 09:44:12

Pookie - I used the tablets as I was told you would need to drink gallons of the tea to get it to work!! (Sorry!). By the end I was taking something like 5 tabs a day which was a pretty high dose but I did research it first.

I think it's one of these things that you cannot definately say it helped you as you wouldn't know otherwise if you get my drift! But I will say I was induced one week early due to low fluid, a few days before I asked for a sweep first to see if it would start me off, it didn't but I was 2 cms dilated when I went for induction (without pain as I didn't know) and it was quite quick - 8 hrs start to finish...

I'd recommend getting the tabs as more potent but if you are happy to drink the tea then stick with that. Good luck.

jennster Wed 13-Sep-06 10:12:05

Hi Pookie

I second the tablets. The dose in the tea is negligble compared to the full dose of tablets. At 38 weeks you are fine to take the maximum.

My labour (first) was 8h 19mins from start to finish. I had a home birth so when I started getting irregular contractions after my waters broke the midwife came out to me and found my cervix was softening, but wasn't sure if I was going to go in to active labour. She said call if they get more regular or you need pain relief. 2 hours later she came back with the gas and air and I was 5cm dilated. She was very impressed.

Did loads of slow but purposeful walking on the day I went into labour and think that helped too.

Seona1973 Wed 13-Sep-06 10:20:35

RLT does not bring on labour though - it tones the uterus and makes cotractions more effective which helps to speed up labour and make the second stage quicker (the pushing bit!). I have the tablets too - you can take up to 6 per day although I keep forgetting to take them!!

emzickle Wed 13-Sep-06 15:06:53

can you recomend any where good online to buy the tablets from girlies?

PatsyJ Wed 13-Sep-06 16:16:35

I got mine from Holland & Barratt. I'm not sure if they sell them online - check out their web.

WeaselMum Wed 13-Sep-06 17:03:19

I had the Holland & Barrett tablets too. It's impossible to say whether or not they helped but I can say this - it was my first baby and labour was under 5 hours in total, no intervention. So I will be taking them again if there is a next time! (oh and I was rubbish about doing my pelvic floors!)

lle1971 Mon 18-Sep-06 18:01:34

I used the Holland and Barrett tablets with DD1 and DD2. Labour with DD1 was less than 6 hours and straightforward, DD2 was less than 2 hours (only just made it to hospital!)
Can't say definitivly that the tablets helped but based on my previous experiences I will be taking them again later in this, my third, pregnancy.

PeachyClairHasBadHair Mon 18-Sep-06 18:35:04

Used the same H& B tablets with ds3

DS2 was 44 hours, ds3 about 5; plus the labour noticeably sped up when I downed the whole pot on the way to the ward,a ware I didn't have a babysitter after mid day next day LOL!

BENDYB Tue 19-Sep-06 18:19:59

wot dosage should u take? I wanna get some but dunno how many u r meant to take! Have read bit bout it but i'm still confused! help! In holland & barret they were 600mg i think but i've seen a few different 1s, some were 300 or 400mg & some i saw were 900mg! What did any1 else take????

lulumama Tue 19-Sep-06 18:23:02

drank lots of tea from 36 weeks onward - tasted of leaves, not raspberry though - vile! lots of sugar helped. successful VBAC , only 30 mins pushing! worked for me !! lots of girlfriends recommend it too! two of them successful VBACS aswell .if nothing else, makes you drink more fluids which is a good thing anyway.

Seona1973 Tue 19-Sep-06 20:01:24

I got the 640mg tablets and you take up to 6 per day (2 tablets, 3 times a day between meals), although I dont always remember them. I think if they are stronger you take less a day and if they are weaker you take more.

BENDYB Tue 19-Sep-06 20:03:45

thanks seona i'm gonna get some 2mora & start takin them! x

frazzledbutcalm Tue 19-Sep-06 23:11:58

tried tea and tablets with last two pregnancies - did absolutely nothing! Have very quick, easy labours anyway so can't even say it helped there. I'm a firm believer in when baby's ready he/she will make an appearance.

Seona1973 Wed 20-Sep-06 14:38:02

they dont actually bring on labour though - they speed it up and make contractions more effective. Maybe the tablets/tea did work after all frazzledbutcalm

Scoobydooooo Wed 20-Sep-06 14:39:29

No never worked for me

Spidermama Wed 20-Sep-06 14:40:48

I don't know how its efficacy could be quantified but, like you, I really loved drinking it in pregnancy but it never occurs to me to drink it now.

It's not supposed to bring you on so much as to be a tonic for the uterus. That I believe.

lalibela Wed 20-Sep-06 14:43:24

Was also thinking of taking these, but wondered if anyone had actually had a bad experience with them/ felt they'd actually done more harm than good?

LeBe Thu 21-Sep-06 14:57:28

Can someone tell me at how far gone you can start taking the tablets? Im 33 weeks on mon x

sweetkitty Thu 21-Sep-06 15:09:41

Took the tablets from 34 weeks with both DDs

DD1 - 37+5 weeks, 4h 20 min labour
DD2 - 41+5 weeks, 2h 30 min labour

Sweetheavenlypregnancy Sun 26-Oct-08 18:54:23

I am 38 weeks and doubled up on my drink. I take two teas now, I believe with this tea and prayer I would have a quick, easy delivery. My cousin recommended it to me by a organic yogi brand. And to my surprise it tastes good. I am also thinking very positive about the pregnancy. My cousin who recommend Raspberry leaf tea to me says it only helped a little in her 5th and final pregnacy. But with her 4th she felt no pain and said she delivered very quickly without epidural.

Now my 4th pregnancy was all natural and only prayer and mediation Got me through with my momma's help too and that's what I choose and went through all that pain with good consentration and focus and I had no idea about Raspberry leaf tea almost 2 years ago with my 4th birth- I just wanted a natural birth.

I hope we all here keep updated alive on here.

Email me I will let you know my experience, My due date is November 7th 2008( I never deliver on my due date though)

Please feel free to share your birth experience with me as well

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