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Could my waters be leaking

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Vijac Sat 19-Jul-14 15:58:19

Warning this message could be tmi! Last night I had an organism and an unusual feeling if tightness. Every since I've been wondering if my waters could be leaking slightly. If I put my finger up my vagina a little it feels wet, not slimy turned on wet but just watery wet. I have a tiny damp patch on my pants but that could be sweat as it is hot. Also hard to know if the patch has been there all day but drying out ever so often. I am nearly 24 weeks. No problems with my first pregnancy. Am I imagining it or could it be a very slow leak. Is this even possible or would you always have a little gush of some kind. Thanks!

Vijac Sat 19-Jul-14 15:58:41

Aargh orgasm!

LightUpLightUp Sat 19-Jul-14 16:52:53

If you have concerns call your midwife.
At 24 weeks I was sat down in a meeting and realised I was suddenly soaked. My knickers were soaked through. It was hot that day and I didn't feel anything happen so I decided to put a pad on to see if that would wet too. They will advise you to do this and then bring in any pads you use so don't dispose of them. My pad also soaked so I went into the maternity unit, I was still leaking and it was water no smell just clear. They made me lie down for an hour and cough as they can then see if this is the water coming out from the cervix, it wasn't, turned out I had a tiny but of thrush I didn't know about and it was causing a lot of discharge which looked like water!!!! Very strange but the advice they have was to always ring if it happens as it's something they would want to see you for to be safe

Vijac Sat 19-Jul-14 16:57:41

Thank you. I'll try a pad. So you think it's ok to wait until Monday as it's the weekend?

Sizzlesthedog Sat 19-Jul-14 17:02:43

Ring the anti natal hospital dept. number should be on your notes. Give you peace of mind to talk to a mw and get it checked.

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 19-Jul-14 17:12:57

I wouldn't wait until Mon if the liquid continues

SmallBee Sat 19-Jul-14 17:24:30

If you're worried call the midwife, it's what she's there for & won't mind.
I was worried mind were leaking at 32 weeks. Put a pad in to keep track.
My midwife wasn't convinced I wasn't just weeing (I wasn't) but said the vest way to prove it is to have a berrocca as it turns your wee orange!

Vijac Sat 19-Jul-14 17:34:44

Small bee was it your water leaking then? When did you go on to deliver?

SmallBee Sat 19-Jul-14 17:55:40

I think it was, my midwife thinks I wet myself hmm
I was eventually induced bang on my due date for something unrelated, but everything turned out ok smile

Elekelly Sat 19-Jul-14 19:03:28

It's never worth the risk op. I would contact your midwife or maternity unit to get checked out to be on the safe side. I had a feeling of wetness a couple of weeks ago at 28 weeks and felt like I was on my period or like I'd just had sex and stood up afterwards sorta thing (sorry tmi). Got checked out and it was just watery discharge but I would never have forgiven myself had I not made sure and it turned out to be anything serious!

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