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Being hormonal and need a little sympathy

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FirsttimerG Sat 19-Jul-14 11:28:03

I've been off sick with a non pregnancy related issue for several weeks now, and its not getting better. This is frustrating because there's not much more they can do without risk to the baby, which of course I won't have.

Just to top it all, I am due to be paid by work on Monday. So yesterday my boss rang to tell me that I would only be getting 1/3rd of my salary (not what I was expecting as I thought I had more weeks full sick pay left)
I am glad that I have that safety net and to be fair to the company they have been really inderstanding, I am just so annoyed I didn't have more notice. I got paid less this month than I would have on smp and I have bills to pay.

Basically now no matter what my state of health I am going to have to go back to work and just try and see it through.
Problem is I cried about this all yesterday and I feel I could do the same again today. The added hormones make me completely useless

CoolCat2014 Sat 19-Jul-14 13:31:58

Really sorry you're having such a rough time sad

Do you have any holiday you can use up to get the benefits of full pay whilst you're unwell? Do you know what the companies policy is for sick pay? It's always worth checking over to see what you're entitled to.

Hope you feel better soon!

FirsttimerG Sun 20-Jul-14 00:09:26

Unfortunately I am signed off by a consultant for 4 weeks, so they won't let me take holiday instead.
Their sick pay is actually pretty good. I have been off for 9 weeks now this year, so not good on my part.
I just wish I'd had some more notice. Now I've got over the shock I feel a good deal better - have made some plans about how to deal with the situation Etc.
just needed to vent I think
Thanks for replying xxx

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