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12 week scan

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NinjaPanda34 Sat 19-Jul-14 08:54:46

Hello, got my 12 week scan on 30th. As a first-timer, what can I expect to see? How long does it take? Is it sore/ uncomfortable? Am I likely to hear the heartbeat? (I'll be 13 weeks)
Thanks x

EssexGirlLottie Sat 19-Jul-14 14:15:21

Hi there,

Not sore or uncomfortable. They might prod you a bit to get a good image. Presumably your app letter said to go with a full bladder? Funnily enough, I drank so much, the sonographer suggested I go to the loo before she carried on with the scan as my bladder was obscuring her view.
Can't remember how long mine took, about 20 mins maybe? They check foetus length to confirm how many weeks you actually are (your EDD may change cus of the scan), nuchal fold measurement (presuming you're having Downs NT scan/test). Yes, they'll/you'll be able to see/hear heartbeat. I presume they're also checking for any major anomalies but your 20-week scan will be more conclusive on that.
Hopefully you'll get some pictures to share!

Good luck. As a fellow first timer, I remember the reassurance getting to my 12-week scan gave me.

NinjaPanda34 Sat 19-Jul-14 18:27:44

Thanks! It's all very exciting smile

SassehMonsta Sat 19-Jul-14 18:35:40

At my 12 week we didn't hear heartbeat (still haven't yet) and it took about 20 mins. Had a very willing baby! My friend had hers but took her an hour or so, as baby refused to play ball and they struggled to get measurements - she had to cough, walk around, allsorts to get him to behave!

If you needs bloods etc doing, thats usually another department so factor in extra time.

kitkat321 Mon 21-Jul-14 13:58:01

Mine took about 45 minutes but baby was being very awkward and would not lie in the right position to be measured - so I had lots of pokes and prodding and bumping up and down on the bed to try and encourage him/her - also got sent out to empty my bladder then again to fillit back up.

Meant we got to see it for ages but started to get a bit uncomfy as the sonographer was really having to push down to see it.

Didn't hear the heartbeat but got to hear that at my 16wk MW appointment.

NickyEds Mon 21-Jul-14 15:18:00

EssexGirl- I totally overdid the water too!!! I was absolutely bursting and my bladder squished DS so I had to go for a wee first. It doesn't hurt at all and mine took maybe half an hour. I didn't hear a heartbeat but could see the baby wriggling around. Afterwards I felt very relieved, it all became very real and we could finally tell people.

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