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Bad reception - dealing with dates for hospital apts

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Lennox24 Sat 19-Jul-14 08:12:50

Yesterday I had my docs apt at 26 weeks (few complications so not seeing a midwife) at my local hospital. The Dr was lovely, professional and everything you would expect and hope for. However the receptionists or should I say one in particular was so rude to my husband and I, I got so angry I cried! I don't cry, even whilst I have been pregnant.

I have found the entire admin process of appointments frustrating from the beginning. And with this being my first pregnancy not really 100% of where I should be, who books what etc with the added issue of seeing consultants and not midwives.

In a nutshell. In the waiting room, my husband who was consumed with some online car site on his phone commented on how rude and abrupt the receptionists were as he tried to zone out! Moaning and commenting on patients!

After my docs appointment we had to go to the reception desk, I had no apts booked in with anyone at this stage. Dr said that I should see her every three weeks. Plus another consultant and scans. And to sort with the ladies on the front desk. Simple!! No.

Maybe, as it's routine for people booking, they didn't explain the process very well and that I had to go to other departments to book in order appointments. We felt the need to ask questions and explain more clearly.

Appointments for various things were given on different days in the same week. So schlepping back several times etc...And I wasn't clear at all about where and when I was suppose to be. Before We were ushered away for taking too much time, 30 seconds, the receptionist barked at my husband. I than asked why if I couldn't book in my appointments now how could I do them and with who! Again barked at. This was where I got angry and instead of speaking out I got bloody emotional! Annoying. Then the women said to move on as the next person had to be booked in!!! I was at a loss !! With frustration I cried in the loo!!!! Both my hubby and I walked out still in the dark about our appointments. Who. Why. When. I couldn't go back in to sort out so my husband went back in and found another receptionist to speak to who was much more helpful!!!

Even writing this down makes me think I may be taking it to heart! And I know I just need to brush it off.... I don't want this to happen again to me or anyone else! I know this is not the end of the world and there's bigger fish to fry and issues to contend with.

Has anyone else found the admin and appointment side a minefield?

PickleMyster Sat 19-Jul-14 11:14:11

I had a bit of a similar experience at the end of my first pregnancy, some receptionists are great, some are mini Hitler's - just the look of the draw I'm afraid. We got sorted eventually as DP phoned my consultant's secretary to get the clarification we needed. If you are are still in the dark about your appointments it might be an idea to phone them back, and keep you fingers crossed that you do not get the witch that dealt with you the first time. (Sounds like she's not very keen on her job)
Just a head's up but school receptionists can be a bit like this - getting a straight answer out of them is like getting blood out of a stone sometimes.
Good luck

FlyingGoose Sat 19-Jul-14 11:32:02

I had a pretty good experience, I had to see consultant every couple of Weeks in one department, growth scans in a different department and twice weekly monitoring in yet another department. They always tried to fit them on the same day with a reasonable time difference to allow for when appointments overran. I hope you can get the confusion cleared up. They could probably be more helpful if they tried.

JennyBlueWren Sat 19-Jul-14 19:20:11

Not had this yet with pregnancy but as a teacher I can echo pickles experiences with school receptionists. My current receptionist is great but I've met some who just assume that everyone should already know where everything is, what form to fill and who to give things to. I imagine it's the same with medical receptionists -they just can't understand why you don't just do the right thing/ask the right questions if you want that appointment.

LePetitPont Sat 19-Jul-14 19:57:38

You totally have my sympathies. I find the receptionists at the antenatal clinic just don't understand that, as a first time parent, you have no clue how it all works and need some guiding through. They just assume it is obvious who to go for what particular bit of appointment and are quite snippy with any kind of clarifying question. And I ask a lot - don't plan on being fobbed off!

It doesn't help that our local maternity services are split across two sites and it is never made clear which one they want you to go to.

However, the community midwife with different booking system is just great and very clear when appointments are / understands people work and streamlines appointments.

I got told that it 'really would be best for everyone' if I was to travel two hours, on icy roads, by myself, on Christmas Eve with two buses running that whole day and neither fitting in with the appointment, to go for a consultant appointment where they would basically do my blood pressure, ask how I was getting on and book another appointment.

I pointed out that perhaps it would save her a job of having to re-book it, but it'd be much better and safer for me and my baby to stay where I was, and the appointment being re-booked for when the transport was better.

She huffed and puffed about 'not putting the needs of my baby first'. I wouldn't mind but the roads ended up being closed anyway so what was I supposed to do?

Missingcaffeine Sat 19-Jul-14 21:37:10

I've had a similar experience.
I think there is often an assumption that the patent understands the process. Well, as a first time mum, I have not had any idea and it has felt very unclear and chaotic.

Plateofcrumbs Sun 20-Jul-14 06:32:40

Mercifully at least all the receptionists I've dealt with have been pleasant enough (in particular the receptionists at my GP are a delight, which must make them unique!).

But I agree it is often utterly baffling trying to fix up appointments, particularly when you have complications and aren't following the routine order of appointments. I ended up missing routine things like blood tests because I wasn't seeing midwife and consultants were only interested in dealing with the complications, not the normal stuff.

Lennox24 Sun 20-Jul-14 19:37:42

Thank you both. I think I'll approach via the phone in the future.

seasavage Sun 20-Jul-14 20:12:13

Awful for you. But yes, my DDers have moved schools and no longer being friends with the receptiinist is kicking in. Oh my is this one obstructive/ sarcastic/ short.

Lennox24 Sun 20-Jul-14 20:46:42

Sorry that should have been thank you 'all'!!

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