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how many tiny baby clothes

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summerdreams Fri 18-Jul-14 15:44:08

baby being born at 34 weeks how many clothes do you think i need he's estimated to 4lb7 to 5lb 3 what do you think how many baby grows and vests ?

summerdreams Fri 18-Jul-14 15:55:41

oh yeh in the mothercare tiny baby size cos i think newborns meant to be too big

Tomkat79 Fri 18-Jul-14 16:19:09

Asda have got a great new preemie range. My DD was 8lb and wore some mothercare tiny baby clothes...not sure they're that small.

Before DD was born we had about 9 sleep suits and maybe 12 vests. She's not a pukey baby though...someone else may suggest more. Guess depends on how often you want to be washing.

crazykat Fri 18-Jul-14 16:27:42

I'd say get 6 baby popper vests and 6 sleep suits, preferably with built in scratch mitts which boots, next and mothercare all have as standard, I'm not sure about asda.

Next, boots and asda do lovely tiny baby clothes, I found mothercare to be quite big sizes especially in sleep suits.

Even though you know the baby will be early tiny baby may not fit. Some babies are long and skinny and others are short and chunky. My dd1 was 6lb 8oz but in 5lb clothes for months. So getting too many could be a waste.

I'd get these to start with and buy more when the baby is here. If you have a sicky baby like my dd1 then you could need double this amount.

beccajoh Fri 18-Jul-14 16:34:16

Mothercare stuff is quite large. For reference my son was born weighing 6lbs exactly (38 weeks) and he was in Mothercare early baby size for 2-3 weeks, which is only meant to be up to 5lbs 5oz I think? Both my children wore tiny baby size and they fitted in it until about 8lbs.

beccajoh Fri 18-Jul-14 16:35:26

I mean tiny baby size fitted them until they weighed 8lbs. The label said up to 7lbs 4oz I think.

summerdreams Fri 18-Jul-14 16:37:28

very helpful was really thinking mothercare and i didn't even know boots did baby clothes thanks having a look now

neversleepagain Fri 18-Jul-14 17:53:48

My twins were born at 34 weeks. We bought Mothercare up to 7lb sleepsuits, they were a bit big but they did the job. Mothercare also do up to 5lb stuff. We bought newborn vests.

7 vests and 5 sleepsuits in early baby. Then newborn stuff.

My girls fitted into newborn until 3 months.

PetShopGirl Fri 18-Jul-14 18:02:24

My DS was 5.11 born at 37 weeks and Mothercare tiny baby clothes were too big for a few weeks (although he was very slow putting on weight to begin with). Mothercare early baby were just right.

slightlyinsane Sat 19-Jul-14 01:11:58

My twins were 4 lb 11&5 lb 10, they were both in sainsburys tiny baby (upto 5lb) for 3 wks, t1 stayed in them for another 2 wks, we had mothercare new baby (Ithink they're called) upto 7lb 5. I had about 11 sleep suits for both of them, I think they have about 6 each at the mo. I wasn't fussed about having too many as we have 7 in our house so the washing machine is constantly on.

bakingtins Sat 19-Jul-14 09:39:59

My DD was 37 weeks and 5lb 9oz. She has just moved up into newborn stuff 7 weeks later at nearly 8lb. Plan on the tiny/early baby sizes fitting for some time! IME the mother are stuff is very expensive true to weight, the supermarket clothes ( sainsburys also do tiny sizes) are bigger than the weight limit suggests.

Diamondsareagirls Sat 19-Jul-14 21:59:50

Tesco have a good range of tiny baby sleepsuits too. My DH did a trip once we got back from the hospital with our twins as they were much smaller than the estimate.

polkapretty Sun 20-Jul-14 12:04:42

Iv just had my baby and she was 4 and 1/2 lb, iv found that mothercare up to 5lb and boots 5lb baby clothes the best. Also try and get sleepsuits with scratch mitts as its a nightmare trying to keep them on when they are that tiny, the only scratch mitts I have found that stay on are pumpkin patch ones. Mothercare also do tiny 5lb socks and tiny bibs too which are really handy as well as cardigans and vests and everything else, good luck

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