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dont know what to do...

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Mayamayamaya Fri 18-Jul-14 11:30:09

I have a 3 yr old and a 1 year old. Just found out I am pregnant. Totally surprised and so is my husband. We did talk about having another one but decided as much as we love our two we might find a third too stressful and expensive.
My body says no but my heart says yes. I just got through this past year with my son and i dont know if i could do it again.... help

Mayamayamaya Fri 18-Jul-14 12:12:49


omgherecomesno2 Fri 18-Jul-14 12:18:25

not quite the same situation but im pregnant and I have a six month old son I don't know what to do either sad

Girlsville Fri 18-Jul-14 13:51:05

Not the same situation but I fell pregnant when my oldest was only 5 months old. I was pretty upset and scared but my no 2 is the biggest joy. She is 3 , my oldest is 4 and I am now 8 months pregnant with dc3.

If your heart says yes then listen to it - you won't regret it.

seasavage Fri 18-Jul-14 14:23:03

Your body says no? If you're worried about a health issue have you booked to discuss that with your GP?

slightlyinsane Fri 18-Jul-14 15:25:17

I had dds 4 & 18 months when I found out I was pg. Completely floored me, I'd stopped at 2. It took me untilhe ararrived to get my head around it. Although he's been hard work I wouldn't be without him. I've just had twin dds so dc 3 can't have been that bad.

sebsmummy1 Fri 18-Jul-14 15:29:11

Honestly? As someone who is desperately trying, and failing to conceive my second before the menopause takes hold I would have a long hard think about how you would feel if you terminated this pregnancy only to find you wanted a third in the future and couldn't conceive again.

If you genuinely know your family is complete at two children then go ahead but make sure you immediately go on some proper contraception as you don't want to be faced with the sane situation again. If you think in the future you might want a third I would take a deep breath, go ahead with the pregnancy and request your husband has a vasectomy so you know you are complete.

Good luck xxx

Mayamayamaya Fri 18-Jul-14 18:19:39

I did use proper contraception. I am older now and a third child would not be a possibility. Going to have along chat with my husband tonight

UML Fri 18-Jul-14 18:33:29

Eat well, try to be healthy. Cut out every food from your diet which is useless and be on top of fitness.

When you feel healthier you will be able to cope physically and mentally...

After the baby is born, it is only a year out of a good many years of your life... You thought about another one, so you have enough love to change your view and look at this positively.

I was unsure whether to go for another one but decided too as I would rather have my kids when I'm younger than when I'm older...

And now that I am expecting in making sure I'm eating a good a diet as I can and trying to keep active... I'm not looking forward to the sleepless nights and general unsettledness of my life six months after the baby is born, but I keep reminding myself that this period will pass ... And the tiredness will be countered by a little dumpling of a baby!

And in a way we always deal with numerous babies in different will be busier but you tend to relax a bit too!

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